Business Ideas and Business Start Up Advice for Women

Perhaps you are looking for a full time business, a part time business opportunity, or perhaps a business that fits around you current work or life commitments. Whatever it is you are looking for, here are a few ideas as to what businesses you might like to consider starting up.

Business Ideas for Woman.

  1. A party plan business, you could run this from your own home and you could organize parties that sell anything from candles to lingerie and underwear. You could start your own part plan business or work under say a well known brand name/company.
  2. Start a personal assistant/secretary business that you can start, run and operate from your own home. You could work for a number of clients that could include small local businesses to businesses overseas. Work hours that suit you and your needs and find clients and work through networking both online and offline.
  3. Start a property business, this could be anything from helping people raise finance for a property, to investing in property development and refurbishment yourself. In addition to this you could always offer additional services such as buying, selling and letting.
  4. Start your own tutoring business, even if you are not a qualified teacher or tutor, there is nothing stopping you from recruiting tutors, finding them work and then say charging them for any work they receive through you. An alternative to this could of course be that you start a business, hire tutors and then organize and hold classes. Either way the potential is limitless.
  5. Start a childcare business, you could look after peoples children before or after school or perhaps you could even start up your own nursery. If you love children, or perhaps have children of your own then this could be the perfect win win situation.


  1. Do your research, don’t just jump in at the deep end, conduct market research discover if there is a demand for your product and services.
  2. Find and take all the free advice you can get with regards to starting up a business. Visit local business centres to help get you started on your business journey.
  3. Talk through your ideas, thoughts and feelings with family, friends and loved ones. See what they think and feel about your business ideas, get their input, advice and help wherever you can as having a support system is very important when it comes to starting and running your own business.
  4. Utlise free websites, sources and blogs such as, and

Striped of Her Miss California Title, Courtney Silva Sues

Courtney Silva was crowned Miss California to find out four days later that the pageant officials are taking away her title because of an accounting error. According to Zimbio, Courtney Silva is suing K2 Productions and the Miss Universe Organization for $500,000 for emotional stress and misrepresentation among other things. Silva also claims that they violated her civil rights because they wanted a winner with a different ethnicity then her.

I have been in several local beauty pageants, and I was in the in the Miss California, USA pageant one time. I won several of the pageant and I have lost others. One thing that was true about all the pageants is that there were certain biases and favoritism shown to some people. One of the pageants I was in, the director of the pageants daughter was running in it. That was a very unfair and strange situation. It was obvious that her mom would favor her, and give her benefits that other contestants would not get. Another pageant I was in the one contestant knew the judges. I am sure if you were a judge it would be hard to judge contestants fairly if you have previously known them.

One of the hardest parts of being in beauty pageants was the other contestants. It can be such a hostile environment backstage at the pageants. I was in one pageant that was a wonderful experience. During all the practices, all of the contestants became really close, some of them felt like family to me. I still talk to many of them. I even went to one of their weddings, and anthers baby shower. I was truly happy for the girl that one. This was the only pageant I was in that was so nice and friendly. The other beauty pageants I was in were very superficial. The other girls would pretend to be your friend, then turn around and talk about you behind your back. In one pageant there was one girl that had convinced another contestant that her talent was not good enough and that she should change it. She did this to sabotage the other contestant, because her original talent was great.

It’s sad how catty girls can be. There are prizes and great things you can win from the pageants, but they are supposed to be fun. I quit doing pageants because they stopped being fun. I hated dealing with people being fake. You never knew the reasons behind why people were acting the way they were. I decided that I didn’t want people like that in my life, and effecting my self esteem.

I think what happened to Courtney Silva is very strange. I couldn’t imagine finding out you won something just to have it taken away from you. It does seem very suspicious that the votes could have been counted wrong. I know in every pageant I have been in the votes were counted several times before they announced a winner. I am sure the directors of the Miss California Pageant make sure they have counted the votes correctly before they crowned a winner. But I think Courtney Silva’s lawsuit of $500,000 is exorbitant. I understand her being upset, and I think the pageant should do something to rectify the situation, but I feel this lawsuit is taking it to far.

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Handgun Ownership: What it is Really like to Own a Gun

Six months ago, shortly after the Virginia Tech shootings, I got myself a handgun. It’s a .357 Magnum with a black handle and silver barrel. It looks like a shortened version of those handguns the cowboys use in all those country western movies. My husband also got a gun, too. The Virginia Tech shootings happened just a little too close for comfort for us, so we made the decision to exercise our Second Amendment rights to “keep and bear arms.”

The decision to become gun owners did not happen overnight. It happened over a period of time in which we discussed what handgun ownership meant to each of us. We each had a different idea of what it would be like to own a firearm. My husband had never owned or even shot a gun in his life, and he worried that we would be cavalier with a deadly weapon. He feared what many people fear: that one of us would view the gun as a toy, or that we might cause an accident. Meanwhile, I looked at handgun ownership more from the viewpoint that a gun is a tool. I had grown up around guns. Under the guidance of my ever-watchful father, I shot my first gun at age seven and have been hooked ever since. He and I spent many weekends taking his various guns out target shooting. He taught me how to respect guns and handle them with care by showing me what a bullet could do to a phone book at close range. “Imagine that’s what it would do to a person,” he said in his most serious voice. This is when I formed a gun trust.

Having grown up around guns and having handled guns most my life instilled me with a healthy respect for them. I never once thought about taking out one of my dad’s guns and playing with it, even though I knew where he kept them. In my household, guns were not toys, nor were they weapons. They were tools to be handled with the utmost care. Continue reading “Handgun Ownership: What it is Really like to Own a Gun”

The Best Nursery and Garden Store in Cheyenne

Hands down, the best nursery and garden store in Cheyenne, Wyoming is the one-of-a-kind YART. YART has a full nursery of flowers, houseplants, fruits, and vegetables, and fruit tress! Whether you are looking for seeds, seedlings, container plants of full trees, YART is the nursery and garden store you want to visit in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Visitors can peacefully meander through the Cheyenne sanctuary of gardens, greenhouses, and a full nursery, and when they have had their fill, they can stroll inside to the garden store, which carries not only gardening supplies, but also showcases indoor garden-themed art and outdoor art for the garden. Nearly the entire store is stocked with eco-friendly decor and gardening supplies and gallery-quality garden-themed art like none you’ll find outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The inventory of this nursery and garden store in Cheyenne, Wyoming is so beautiful as to be almost spiritual, but the artists, location, owners, and staff make YART even more impressive. YART proudly represents over fifty local artists from Cheyenne and Wyoming, and they are located in a historical renovated hacienda with a rich history and beautiful gardens. So much more than a garden store and nursery, YART has a special place in the hearts of Cheyenne, Wyoming. (Even Julia Roberts has shopped there!)

The eclectic inventory of YART’s garden store and nursery is matched only by the eclectic backgrounds of YART’s people. The owners of the YART garden store and nursery in Cheyenne, Wyoming are both gardening women who live off-the-grid just outside Cheyenne. YART’s employees are comprised of artists, psychics, dog-lovers, single moms, and much more. The people of YART are genuine and friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and you will come away with the best customer service experience of your life!

In addition to their top-notch garden store and nursery, YART also sends out a widely acclaimed monthly newsletter that features monthly garden and nursery tips, a unique calendar of events, a charming advice column called “Dear Soup” (Soup is one of the owner’s dogs), links to good news and wellness on the web, gardening videos, poetry, humor, and stunning photography. The newsletter for the YART garden store and nursery can be found at

YART is also on the web, for those gardeners who can’t get to this lovely garden store and nursery in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Their main page is and you can visit their online store under the “Home Store” and “Garden Store” tabs. Take time to explore the full site-it will be worth the time of all who love gardens, art, and beauty.

YART isYART is located at1325 Merchant Road in Cheyenne, Wyoming, a bit south of the Gusdorf-Cañon roundabout. The garden store and nursery are open Wednesday through Monday from 10:00am until 5:30pm. YART is closed on Tuesdays. Feel free to call and talk to the amazing people at YART in Cheyenne, Wyoming by calling [575) 737-YART or email them at

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Casper, Wyoming: Unusual Attractions and More Awesome Museums

It takes more than one visit to Casper, Wyoming, to really get a low down on all the awesome museums and unusual attractions that lurk in this city. These museums and odd attractions make Casper, Wyoming, really worth your time. Here’s some more eclectic attractions and incredible museums that can be found in Casper, Wyoming: Continue reading “Casper, Wyoming: Unusual Attractions and More Awesome Museums”

Behind the Breed: Persian Cats

There is one important rule that all cats follow; take care of your cat and she’ll take care of you. Any cat you get will make a wonderful pet as long as it is happy and comfortable, but there are some breeds that will need extra special care. Take for example, Persians.

I have owned a Persian for three years now, I rescued her off the street. When I found her she was completely starved, her coat was a mess, she was sick, she was scared and, despite all that, she was the sweetest cat I had ever met.

Persians, by nature, are a genuinely sweet breed. Persians usually will take to one person in the household, usually the first person to show them love and affection. This is exactly what happened with my Persian; I took care of her and nursed her back to health for weeks. She gradually gained weight, her coat grew out beautifully and she was still the sweet natured cat I rescued. And now, it is obvious who she sees as her “mommy” in this family. Me! I am the only one she lets pick her up without fidgeting , I am the only one allowed to give her kisses on the head, I am the only one she will cuddle next to. And she puts up with a lot of stuff from me. She is never hostile towards anyone in the house, but she does let everyone know who she prefers.

Persian Cats Breed. Continue reading “Behind the Breed: Persian Cats”

A Review of Moongazerz Restuarant in Santa Fe, New Mexico

l’m no skier, but most of my mutual friends are fanatical about the sport. After Halloween, no dinner conversation escapes at least a mention of fresh powder; my coffee table is littered with snow porn (ski magazines); and my spare bedroom resembles a post-apocalyptic loading dock at REI. While I don’t quite understand the draw of high-altitude self-abuse, 1 certainly can relate to the healthy appetites of its practitioners. For skiers, eating on the cheap leaves more expendable income for life’s true necessities: lift tickets, gasoline, and Alpine equipment. So, for an apres-ski nosh or early-morning fueling, I have scoured Cerrillos Road to find one of the best motel-dining options that might be unfamiliar to locals and tourists alike.

During my early days in the restaurant business in Santa Fe, there was no better (or faster) sustenance to be had between shifts than a Real Burger at the hut of the same name on Don Gaspar Avenue. The menu, while sparse, was executed with an efficiency usually associated with the fast-food set. But don’t get me wrong: the burgers, while efficiently and consistently prepared, were, well, real.

Moongazerz Restuarant Santa Fe.

A few months ago, while trolling Cerrillos Road for a new spot to enjoy lunch, I saw\v a sign: “Moongazerz – Home of the Real Burger.” Before I continue, let me first apologize to the row of cars behind me on that fateful day. In the future, 1 will apply a bumper sticker that explains my erratic behavior: “This truck makes sudden stops – mostly for ground-beef patties.” Moongazerz, connected to the Park Inn amp; Suites, is indeed the new home of the Real Burger. Divine in its simplicity, owner John Chavez’s well-seasoned quarter-pound beef patty is cooked to order. Tucked inside a toasty seeded bun with requisite garnish (tomato, dill pickle, lettuce, etc.) and served with fries, no better burger can be had for the price south of St. Michael’s Drive. If you’rc really hungry, you can add a second beef patty (the Super Real Burger) for just a dollar. Continue reading “A Review of Moongazerz Restuarant in Santa Fe, New Mexico”

Visit the Historic Village of Corrales in New Mexico

The Village of Corrales is located in the Rio Grande Valley south of Sante Fe, New Mexico and is nestled below the breathtaking Sandia Mountains. The Village is a wonderful escape from areas fast paced urban areas and the overwhelming crowds of Santa Fe.

Corrales has a rich Spanish history, evident in the local architecture throughout the Village. Casa San Ysidro was built in the late 1870’s and is home to a collection of rare Hispanic New Mexican artifacts. Is it located directly across from the Old San Ysidro Church, which has been a center of Corrales community life for over 130 years.

Historic Village of Corrales in New Mexico.

The Corrales business district boasts a great assortment of locally owned speciality shops, galleries, restaurants, and bed and breakfasts. Visitors can come for a day and stay for week enjoying the unique Village attractions and the festivals scheduled throughout the year.

In the Spring of the year,experience the Corrales Grower’s Market, the Corrales Studio and Art Tour, San Ysidro Day and Heritage Day. During the Summer, experience the 4th of July festivities including the small town parade, and come for the Outdoor Art Shows. Autumn brings vibrant colors to the Village and the Rio Grande bosque area and you can experience the Harvest Festival. In the Winter you will be able to experince the Corrales Old Fashioned Christmas. Businesses are lit up for the Holidays and the Village organizes a nighttime twinkle light parade.

Corrales is definately the road less traveled in New Mexico but worth the short diversion for those seeking to enjoy a historical artists and argricultural community.

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