Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Honoring Steve McQueen

When I was living in NYC, J came out to visit and I took him to the [then] ultra-swank Chez Es Saada. The Moroccan-esque cocktails definitely trumped their food; otherwise the restaurant probably wouldn't have closed five years ago. While we certainly enjoyed the subterranean dining room, rose-petal-strewn stairway and exotic belly dancer shaking her assets around the fire, what J remembers most about the evening is Steve McQueen.

On any given day, you can show up to our house and we incessantly stock all necessary ingredients to whip up the best whiskey drink ever. Not too sweet. Not too hair-on-my-chest-whiskeyish. Not too high maintenance. And beyond appropriately named.

Steve McQueen was the original bad boy of Hollywood. THE film star of the 1960s. The man James Dean aspired to be. And, after all, I don't see James Dean having a drink named after him.

To make your own Steve McQueen:
1 shot of Maker's Mark
Splash of Chambord or Grand Marnier
Fill cocktail glass with ice and Coca-Cola
Squeeze wedge of lime.
Stir. Definitely don't shake. This is a bad boy's cocktail.

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Jessica said...

my boyfriend loves Steve McQueen I will be sending him this post definitely!