Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Great Day!

Happy Birthday, J! I'm so excited to celebrate life with you, and I look forward to many more amazing years and memories. Just a few of the reasons I'm beyond proud to call you my husband and best friend...

01. He eats anything I cook and always loves it.
02. He's my No. 1 supporter and cheerleader.
03. He's nicer than I am.
04. He's competitive and plays a mean game of Monopoly.
05. Whenever it's raining, he always walks Burkly without complaining.
06. He claims he loves to bake, but just chooses not to.
07. Will sit happily on the couch in Anthropologie while I browse for an absurd amount of time.
08. Because sometimes he just wants cereal for dinner too.
09. He's more honest than Abe.
10. The man can travel like no other.
11. And because he's packer extraordinaire and there's nothing I hate more than packing, he happily packs my bags for me [after I pick out the wardrobe, of course].
12. His smile is infectious.
13. He's wise with his/our money.
14. Because he has more self-drive than any normal person should.
15. He's a reader. He picks the thick book, tiny font stuff.
16. Even though he's an athlete [and eats all healthy and stuff], he'll still order 7 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.
17. ...and eat 6 of the 7 boxes.
18. Being in his company naturally makes me a better person.
19. He hangs out with me in the kitchen while I cook dinner.
20. And chops all my veggies and seasoning. He also cleans as I cook, so we don't have a mess to deal with after dinner.
21. Because he encourages me to live life large.
22. He is a natural do-gooder.
23. Puts me first in his life. Over work.
24. He's left handed and always considers how it will affect others around him. Especially at a table.
25. He can't stand keeping a secret or surprise either.
26. We have fantastic conversations. I love talking to him.
27. He believes a friendly game of roshambo can resolve anything.
28. He knows how to relax on vacation and often prompts me to put down the cell or computer.
29. Still flirts with me.
30. He's very easy on my eyes! I definitely have a Looker.
31. I would give the world for him and, without question, I know he'd do the same for me.


Kelly said...

Oh what a sweet and lovely post! Happy Birthday, JJ!

J said...

Well I must say, I am highly flattered that you think so highly of me, and it is only because I feel the same way about you that I can do those things with/for you and not think twice about having to do may have embellished a little on the Roshambo, I play to win :) That has got to be one of the best birthday presents anyone can has ever given me. I love you too!

arre said...

as for the majority of your reasons for loving your husband, we'll have to take your word for - #30 though can be verified in the photo above - so handsome! hope y'all have a happy day.

BigSis said...

I know you left 31 reasons for a "reason," but I would like to leave "one to grow on" for my much loved "out"-law:
32. He is a joyous addition to our fam; he is kind,fun, HELPFUL, and understanding of our large (& sometimes insane)family... & I'm so glad Court wrangled him into ours!

erika said...

yeah! I love this post! happy birthday JJ!!!!!!!! did you give him his present!?

Cote de Texas said...

This is really weird, are you married to my husband too? I mean, even down to being left handed = you've described my husband, very weird. Do you, like me, feel like you don't deserve him = that he's too good for you?

In(side) the Loop said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!

Big Sis: That was really sweet. JJ was super flattered when he read your note. Thanks for that!

Arre: I know, I husband lottery. We did have a wonderful day, thanks!!

Erika: NOOOOOOO - they aren't in yet. I couldn't pick them up until Friday, so he has to wait. This is killing me. I almost told him last night, but I managed to refrain.

Cote: He is very good. And I meant it when I said he is nicer than me. He really is. But I guess that's why he makes me better. I hope he feels like I deserve him :) He'd better...

Leah said...

Wow -- you've got yourself a GORGEOUS guy there!

He sounds like a sweetheart, too.

Lucky girl.



Anonymous said...

are you aure you did not marry Rob Lowe...that man is FINE!

Myrtle said...

JJ, I am either very late for your birthday or very early for the 2009 one. You ARE everything Court said and more. Wish we could see you two here (Sport) for the last 36 years is still "not easy".
Good luck and lots of love in your new venture. praying for you both daily,.....Love, Aunt Myrtle