Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action

This week I will be prepping for our first Screen on the Green outdoor movie night. While we're keeping things casual and lighthearted, I've still managed to stay busy finalizing all the little details to make Saturday a Two Thumbs Up. We've got the Gay 90s popcorn machine rented, concession candies bought, cokes [and cocktails] ready to be chilled, and the projector and screen waiting patiently for their grand debut.

Because I'm wanting to see something foreign and/or quirky and J is crossing his fingers for Captain Ron, we've dedicated each night this week to screening films for the final cut. Last night we turned in early and began with the following feature presentations:

Harold and Maude: Loved, Loved, Loved. I laughed out loud several times during the film and we both had smiles from ear to ear during the very last scene. Sweet and charming, it effortlessly combines dark humor with slapstick comedy. I found myself still thinking about this film all day today.

Midnight Cowboy: J was really taken to this movie because it involved a Texas cowboy making his way to New York City to follow his dreams. What the brief bio didn't lead on to was its plot based on the life of a gigalo. While that may have only been the first 30 minutes, neither of us could bring ourselves to broadcasting this on a projector for all the street to see...and hear.

Once: Fully deserving of all its recent hype. Amazing soundtrack and heart warming story. It was a beautiful film and would be perfect for an outdoor showing...but perhaps not for a crowd of 30+

Barefoot in the Park: The beginning was a little slow for me, but we thought it was really cute. Truth be told, after 2.5 other movies, I fell asleep. J stayed up and said he liked it, but wanted to watch it again with me...and also felt the movie was made to show off Jane Fonda's legs. If mine looked like that, I'd probably want a movie made too. We plan on rescreening that one tonight, along with Charade.


technicolorsarah said...

screen on the green? in houston? did i miss something?!

Joanna Goddard said...

wow, i'm so impressed that you're screening multiple movies in a row!! i can barely get through one in a night since i get very sleepy during movies, too :)

so glad you liked harold & maude!!!!!!!!

Paige said...

Oh my god, it really is called the Gay Popcorn Machine!!!

Dolce said...

I loved, loved, loved Once. So much so that it was a V-day gift from PH. I let my in-laws borrow it because I loved it so much and they stopped watching in the middle.

One of my co-works who is a movie buff, loved it as well...and he's in his 50s.

I guess it depends on how into movies the crowd is.

Tonia Conger said...

I've seen them all but the western. Love barefoot in the park. It always makes want to live more spontaneously. Thanks Jane Fonda!

Carrie said...

speaking of Jane Fonda and Robert Redford, two of my favorite movies are They Shoot Horse, Don't They? and This Property is Condemned. Oh that Natalie Wood! Until recently we had a projector that afforded The Best movie nights <3 Nice to meet your blog!