Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wish You Were Here: Santa Rosa Beach

Last summer we visited Erika and Chance in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Life was good and our trip was grand. Five star resorts and caviar it was not, but who wants/needs highfalutin when you have silky sand, gorgeous water and evenings bathed in sunsets? Not to mention the best company anyone could ever ask for! While I love jam-packed vacations full of nonstop excitement, I crave time spent on cruise control and weekends that roll by all too easily.

Wish You Were Here: Santa Rosa Beach

The Red Bar. First stop for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. All in a House of Blues-esque atmosphere.
Nick's. Taking a boat ride to dinner is the ultimate beach experience! 
Caliza Restaurant at Alys Beach. Poolside dining. Enough said.
Cocoon's. The biscuits and gravy are better than your Momma's. And your Grandma's.

Bud & Alley's. No better spot for a cold beer at sunset.

• Picnic and concert on the green at Seaside Plaza.
• Veg on the beach, natch!


Vanessa said...

I love this new series you've got going! I'm itching to travel soon and this is really getting me into the mood.

erika said...

wish you were here NOW!
or better yet.. wish I was there helping you pack and offereing moral support!

Nicole Marie said...

I am craving summer!

Lindsey said...

Love Santa Rosa. We went last year too and are currently planning this year's trip back.

The Red Bar is one of my favs as well. Another must visit: Stinky's Fish Camp, which happens to be owned by a fellow Louisianian we found out.

Ahhh, I have beach fever!

{ Lindsey }

Jennifer said...

So glad you love Nick's! That restaurant has been in my family for years (my great uncle started it), I grew up watching my Uncle Frank play cards at the bar every summer! Best dive in Walton County! My fave are the crab claws!!

No.35style said...

how fun that erika gets to live there!

Emily S Crawford said...

Oh my gosh!! I can't believe you guys went to Bud & Ally's!! That is our FAVORITE place...we always go there when visiting my mom (did you know she lives there?!) HOW FUN!! Seaside is such a great place... :)

Ana said...

I love this series! And your choices are always chic, wearable, and lovely. Keep 'em coming!

Jessica said...

I love Santa Rosa beach...we went there for our honeymoon and like to take frequent trips there since it's a short drive away. There's nothing better than the summer concert series on the green - so fun and laid-back! I love the Red Bar also and B&A - haven't been to Nick's, Caliza's or Cocoon's though... I'll have to look them up next time we're in the area! Thanks for the good recommendations.

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

I too love this series!

Ps. I just used that suitcase in a polyvore set! Isn't it pretty!?

Joslyn said...

great, great line up...we're seaside bound in 2 weeks...can't wait!

Kate@ Kids and Cocktails said...

As I've spent my whole day planning our Summer Seaside trip and just got back from 30A land this past weekend, I have some places to add.

George's at Alys Beach is great. The wine bar across form the Seaside green is a great place to sit and watch the world go by at night. Yummy snacks too! Oh I could go on and on.