Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bite Club

I'm obsessed with, an internet food television network dedicated to bringing foodies and winos the entertainment they crave. Spend time exploring the site because webisodes run the gamut from Eater's Etiquette to Hardcore Wine, which is led by a Harley-riding biker with a sommelier degree. Whether you're a natural chef or just budding, basic fundamentals of cooking is a must for everyone.

My personal favorites are Hawker Food and Bickering Foodies, where big personality food experts are pitted against one another. And I've tried my best to reinterpret Cafe Habana's signature corn, but thanks to Devour, you can get the recipe straight from the horse's mouth!


CC said...

Sounds like a hoot....does this mean your TV selections are super limited in your new home town?

Thanks for sharing this site.

Courtney said...

CC: TV is limited only because we're in a hotel for the time being with just basic channels. Things are censored here so as you watch shows, words are blurred here and there. But I'm not focusing on a whole lot of TV watching -- too many other things going on that have me on sensory overload!

Vanessa said...

Oooh, thanks for the tip! I'm a major foodie and am obsessed with the Food Network, so I will definitely make a stop over at this site.

Karen said...

This is such a great find! I can't wait to explore.

Bryan said...

Cafe Habana's corn kicks butt! I'll travel all the way to Malaysia try your version out.