Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello, My Name Is

 All weekend I've had a ball reading the responses to Kate's Allow Yourselves to Introduce Yourselves post. And I just can't help myself, I'm joining the bandwagon and following suit!

I'm turning it over so you can introduce yourselves to me. Take the stage and leave a comment. Fill me in on anything and everything from name, age, blog/web address, hobbies, how you found me, et al. I'll kick off the festivities:

I'm Courtney, 27, and no longer employed. I left my marketing job a month ago so we could accomplish one of my husband's goals: to work internationally. We have a very dreamy St. Bernard and most of you have seen her plastered across the blog here and there [I know no self control when it comes to my hound]. I love people, but also crave quiet time. I'm addicted to email, even more so living across the world from everyone I know and love. We're big into Southern Hospitality around here and I'm a firm believer of "the more, the merrier" mentality.

Now the floor is all yours and I can hardly contain my excitement! 


Sara said...

I am Sara, the eldest of 3 girls and a boy (my 7 year old baby brother!), My mom is 22 years my senior. I love writing, and sunsets. I love coffee and lettuce and sushi. I hate my thighs. I love reading and writing and want to write a book. I wanted to be a genetic engineer but ended up with an economics major! Oh, and I love my boyfriend!! 20 months together in 5 days :)

I am a 21 year old Virgo and I still make a wish at 11:11

Marge said...

I'm Maggie, 25, married for a bit over a year, and living in a new city here in the US. We have a puppy named Charlie who is pretty much the love of my life (other than the hubs of course). My husband and I work for the same company which also happens to be owned by my mom. I'm going back to school this summer to get my Secondary Education degree and hopefully will be teaching high school english in about 18 months. I think that google reader is pretty much the greatest piece of internet goodness ever and love keeping up with the blogs I read.

You can visit me at:

Melissa said...

I'm Melissa. I'm 24 years old and I live with my fiance and our two fur babies (meow!). I work in the gov't sector but I would love to have my own interior decor store set up in the next few years. Ideally it would sell cute/ funky home accessories and vintage furniture that i would refinish myself (love that sort of stuff!) Seeing pics of Burkly has made me want my own St. Bernard. Unfortunately that will have to wait until we buy a house. I love meeting new people and I love this introduction question!

Melissa said...

sara - do you wish at 10:10 and 12:12 too? (when i notice, i do...)

Frau said...

I'm Kathy. I'm staying 40 for as long as people will believe me! I've been married to Craig for 21 years and have a 15 year old Daughter and a Wire Fox named Sophie. Left my job, my house, family and friends 8 months ago to live in Germany from SLC Utah to also fullfill my husbands dream to work internationally. Its been hard, first time ever not working kinda lost and trying to find myself again. I love reading, knitting and blogging. I found your web site from Joyce at A Perfect Beginning. I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures. My web site is

Susie said...

Hi! Susie, 28, Louisville, KY. I found your blog through Erika's, though I can't remember how I found hers (or Darby's). I read all three of yours (plus tons more) daily. I have a 100+ pound golden retriever (Sambuca) who is my child, so naturally doggie stories warm my heart. My real life is a mundane 8 to 5 but if I could choose, I'd spend my time traveling and have a hip 50's bungalow filled with antique finds. Keep up the good work!

Shannon said...

Okay, I won't be a creeper. :) I'm Shannon, a 26 year-old law student. I live in Michigan with my yellow lab. I think I found your blog through Google Reader recommendations, but I can't remember for sure.

When I'm not studying or avoiding studying by reading blogs, I like to run, downhill ski (lots of trips to Colorado), and shop (or at least window shop and dream of the day when I'll have an income!)

Arlynn said...

Yay, how fun!?! I'm going to do it...

I'm Arlynn, working in Public Relations and living in the De-licious Deep South, origionally from New Orleans & PROUD of it : ) I use smiley faces in comment sections too often, but don't care. I love to write, cook, play with my favorite pup, Max, visit with my best girlfriends, go to the beach with the Hubs, watch way too much TV & try my hand at home improvement projects.

I secretly think I should be The Next Food Network Star, as well as THE American Idol, and a Top Design star... all at the same time. Although I don't think I'm super-fabulous at any of these things.

You can read all of my random musings at my blog: Fleur De Licious & I want you to... I mean let's be honest here for a minute - I'm a blogger, like to write about myself, my family and the things we do & what we love.

I'm also on Twitter, but trying to see how I can make it "work" for me, since I can't possibly update it every. single. second. Like some people can.

I'm always thinking about my next meal because I love to eat & ceate great meals, and I'll travel somewhere just to try a particular restaurant.

Right now, I'm trying to live the dream and figure out what's up for next...

lovely jubbly london said...

Hi! I'm Jessica, 27, and a fellow expat! Just over 8 years ago I moved to London for a semester abroad, fell in love and the rest is history. My englishman and I tried life in the US for about 8/9 months, but found it wasn't for us. At least not at this point. Work wise I started off in fashion PR (which was so fun!), but now work part-time for a very famous church. I love working where I work so much and could not imagine working anywhere else. I love all things home decor and spending time in the kitchen. We also just moved to a small village and I am trying to adjust to life in a 1900 Victorian cottage. My main addiction is tea, but I think that comes with living here! I also like iced tea, but add grape juice to mine just like my Mammaw taught me.

Oh, and I found your blog through Erika of Urban Grace. Nice to "meet" you! x

Bonjour Madame said...

I'm Stephanie, but my nickname is Staci. I'm 39 years old and I live in Metairie, LA. I was born and raised in TX in a small town called Port Neches. Most of my family lives in Houston now and in fact, I'm going there today for a visit. I'm a devoted fan of Texas and Louisiana so I can relate to your background.

I've been married to Jonathan for 14 years, no kids, two cats. I have a crazy stressful job that I've been at for 16 years and for the life of me cannot figure out why I still do it.....translation still trying to come up with the courage to leave it and do something more in tune with my personality.

I love Paris and pretty things. I like to entertain but don't do it as often as I like. I like vintage accessories (and about died when you showed your vintage prize possession necklace). I think I found your blog searching for real estate links in Houston and typing inside the loop. I'm so glad I found it!

Joyce said...

Hi my name is Joyce, I'm 51 and LOVE wrinkles! Tell this to your dermatologist! She couldn't believe not only how old I was, but that I would love wrinkles.

I have been married to the love of my life for 18 years. We have Kelly our Lakeland terrier. She is a rescue that found her way home when she was 5 yrs old and now is 14 years old.

I wasn't able to have children, but have been bless with so much in my life.

I am a CASA (court appointed special advocate for abuse and neglected children) volunteer.

I currently work pt, pt out of a home office. I pick my hours, and work most of the time from home. I consider myself a "Jill of all trades", I have been asked to bake, wrap, party favors etc for others. Before this I worked at O'Hare, Crate and Barrel and fashion jewelery designer Patricia Locke.

As much as I love when our home is full with family and friends, I love when it is G, Kelly and me laying back while G plays his guitar.

Hmmm.... I can't remember how I came upon your blog, but I'm glad I did!!

Courtney, In the beginning I felt like I joined BA (blogger anonymous)Hi my name is... Which by the way I think I need!! LOL... xoxo

Lindsaygail said...

Hi, I'm Lindsay. I'm 28 and I live in Michigan also *waves at Shannon*. I'm a librarian and write a totally book obsessed blog at
I found you through a link on Little Green Notebook, which I found when a friend posted it on Facebook. I've been following your adventures with interest, my husband may be up for a job in Europe in the next year or two and I find the idea of moving overseas exciting and also a little terrifying. Nice to meet you!

Chris Beverly said...

Long time reader, first time commenter…

Is it just me or does anyone else think of the movie “Kiss The Girls” when Kate realizes there are other girls being held captive and screams out "Who's out there?" and then one by one the girls start replying with their name and how long they've been there... sorry to bring down the spirit of this with an abduction anecdote!

I’m Chris, 31, probably the only guy here. Read about your site in HOUSTON magazine. I manage a medical practice and do freelance writing for fun. I think I have been to every place on your Wish You Were Here: Houston list except Jonathan’s but look forward to checking it out per your recommendation. I too am a big fan Julie Soefer’s photographs. I also found out about your site from A Continuous Lean which is very random.

Oh and did I mention I’m single and I like long walks on the beach…

darcey said...

Hi, my name is Darcey and I live in Philadelphia. I worked in fashion in the past and currently work with contemporary art. Last year I left my dream of living in New York to move to Philly to be with an old high school friend and the love of my life, Roger - and I couldn't be happier!

I love entertaining (with invites!), simple and comfortable design, anthropologie dresses, flea market finds and home decor with a story behind it. Right now my life is consumed with art, planning our quirky wedding for next year, finding that perfect summer dress, and scouring the local salvage and flea markets for interesting finds for our little home in the city.

I think I found your blog on a search for vintage bicycle icons? In any case, it is a joy to read and very much like myself. Nice to meet you!

amy b.s. said...

hello! i'm amy, 29, a montana girl who after a stint the great northwest found myself back in the big sky state. i married my bf of 5 years in september and work at an advertising agency. oh, and i have no idea what i want to do with my life. still. but am having a good time trying to figure it out.

i too am addicted to e-mail (hate my cell phone and texting). i'm overly opinionated, judgmental and honest. i cannot spell and type only in lowercase on blogs.

i found your blog through cassandra (coco + kelley) when she sent me your feature while we were discussing her lucky magazine photo shoot. i've been a lurker ever since!

[J] said...

Can I just say that I love this couch?!
I love the way you described yourself, I don't think I can do it as well.
I'm married to the man of my dreams, for almost 2 years now. We recently found out, much to our surprise, that I'm expecting. Now our time and talks are all about planning for an, unexpected, little one. I may be like you are with your hound, except with the baby!
I am also umemployed, unfortunately for now, but I don't mind too much because it means I will be home to care for the little one! I make and sell handmade items, and while I know how to bead, weave, sew, print & paint, for some reason everything I've made lately has been crochet.
Not much to say after that, we have a very tight budget right now so we spend many of our nights watching movies or walking our 2 dogs.
Maybe life will be more exciting once the little Hagler arrives!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Hi my name is Camila. I'm 27 about to turn 28 in May.I live in the suburbs of NYC in our first house that me and my hubby bought last year. I got laid off from my job a couple of months ago. Blessing in disguise because I was already trying to start my own interior decorating company. So right now I'm working on getting rooms finished for my portfolio and finishing up my schooling in design. So now I fill my days blogging, studying, finishing projects and hopefully getting clients soon. I found you though Making it Lovely I believe. You were one of the first blogs I read and I instantly feel in love with it. You were also one of the first people to comment on my blog so you'll always have a special place in my heart.

You can read about my adventures in starting my own business and my love for design at:

Blair said...

Oh how fun! What a cute picture of you.

I am 26 and Director of Development and Communications for a non-profit that focuses on land conservation. I love my job but am completely itching to make the transition into something more creative, which is why I love writing my blog, delight by design. Live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming but dream of living in Paris.

Love cooking but am an awful cook. Crazy about animals--especially horses (used to have two). Hmm.. have 2 crazy dogs that I love and that keep my constantly on my toes. Contact procrastinator and have to eat cheese at least twice a day.

Not sure how I found your blog but I love it--truly always a delight!

Happy Monday! x blair

Vanessa said...

Well, I'm hardly a new commenter here, but I'll go for it anyway! I'm Vanessa, 29. I'm half American, half Swedish. My life is a never-ending roller coaster that has me moving to and from Europe all too frequently. In December I moved back to the States for 6 months to take a leave of absence from my job. In June I'll be going back, and after that we'll just have to wait and see... I'm a copywriter, but feel a stronger connection to the film industry and have been thinking of ways to break into the business without having to start in the mailroom at an agency.
I've been in long-term relationships my whole adult life and now find myself singe and freaked out. I'm trying to learn how to relax about this and just enjoy life.
I started my blog in December when I came home, and love the blogging community so much that I have no intention to stop when I go back!

JMW said...

Hi, I'm Jen, 35, married and mother of two (and a furry lab named King) in Louisville. I work as a corporate business writer. I like to ride my bike, read, play with my kids, walk, garden, go to concerts and watch my Kentucky Wildcats - go CATS!. And, I can't live without a good cup of coffee each morning. I came across your blog through another blog (can't remember which one) and I added it to my "Delightful Reads" list on my own blog, which I started in the fall of 2008. Good luck to you as your embark on your international adventure!

Lindsay said...

Hello. I'm Lindsay, 30, married, dog named Tater Tot and live in H-town. I'm a new blogger and feelin uneasy about the whole thing. Found your site from Houston Modern Luxury and have been hooked ever since. You have inspired me to be more authentic and take a risk and get into the blog community.
Here's my blog:
Happy trails!

jae said...

Name: Jae
Real Name: Jodi
Goes by: Jae, J, Jodes, Jo, Mom, and Baby (only by the husband)

Age: 42…soon 43…don’t know how that is since it still feels like 30ish

Married: 13 years this summer to Bobby. I always gravitate to a good juxtaposition….. jeans and heels…lace and leather. My marriage is like that…we are complete opposites, but together we work and he makes me laugh…crucially important to me.

Children: one boy and one girl…Drew just turned 12 and Lily will be 8 in May.

Pets: one newly rescued…Newton……part beagle and part?

Resides: Southeast Florida for the past 20 years. Grew up in Iowa and I have a BA in Journalism and Mass Communications from Iowa State University.

Occupation: owner of….blog is

Loves: besides my family…… in no particular order…creativity, art, entertaining, event planning, details, good food, a quiet beach, the smell of the ocean, the color of the ocean (sensing a trend here)a good bloody mary, red wine, a good beer (oops…sensing a different trend) coffee, tea, green living, books, magazines, decorating, shells, travel, a dry sense of humor, photography…so much more, but it has to end somewhere.

Unimportant tidbits: took 13 years of piano lessons and I no longer own a piano, have insanely curly hair that I straighten 50% of the time.

Courtney – I can’t remember exactly how I found your blog…you may have commented on mine which thankfully led me to yours. I love that you have taken on this exciting new venture. It has always been a dream of mine to live abroad. I think it would be an amazing experience for my children. Enjoy!

I *Heart* You said...

Hola Miss Courtney!

My name is Paige. I am 29 year old Texan expecting a baby boy this Summer! I love sushi, soft pajamas, sunny Spring days, Jenny Lewis, getting mail and strawberry milkshakes. I am 8 months over schedule on a home remodel and want to kill someone. I went college in Austin and could kick myself for ever leaving - however I would have never met my wonderful husband and began an unexpected career in branding. I am addicted to blogs, shopping for shoes, jelly beans and my iPhone.

Debra1969 said...

My name is Debra. I'm a 39-year-old transplanted Texan who lives in Houston's Museum District. I juggle a husband with a busy career, a 10-year-old son, a 7-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old great pyrenees while trying to carve out time for my own part-time law career and time with my wonderful girlfriends. I love great food of all kinds, wine, gardening, home decor and design, and West U Little League and Soccer. I have an expensive obsession with shoes, and my therapy is trips to New York with my two best friends. Like Courtney, I love Anvil Bar and I'm thrilled that it's a short five minutes from home!

Loop and Lil said...

I'm Amanda - a 31 year old native Texan. I left a career in advertising last year to sew, something I definitely would not have been able to do without the support of my husband! We have a Pekingese named Pete, who sits in my lap about 80 percent of the day.

I don't remember exactly how I found your blog, but I do remember that when I did (blog stalker confession coming up!), I proceeded to spend the next few hours reading every single post in order.

And I am painfully shy - which makes this exercise and blogging particularly hard. But I'm working on it!

Tia said...

I'm Tia and I am 29 years old. I'm from Houston, but I moved away to NYC when I was 24 and just moved back last year. I worked in the beauty business in NYC on Vera Wang fragrances. I LOVED my job and I was sad to leave the best city in the world, but my boyfriend of 5 years was ready to leave and I wasn't letting him leave alone! Now I am a Realtor with Habitation Realty in the Heights and I work at Shell full time in their creative department.

I discovered your blog when I saw you in Houston magazine. I have been addicted to reading blogs since! I felt really dumb not knowing how many awesome blogs are out there!

I have 2 pomeranians Foxy & Brooklyn that I am obsessed with. :) I love to shop, bake and try new restaurants. (I discovered a few through your blog!) When I moved to Houston, I wanted to open a cupcake shop in the Heights like Magnolia's. Sadly, when I baked the Magnolia recipe, my cupcakes just didn't compare!! *sigh*

Cameo Darling said...

My name is Ashley Rene'. I'm a 22 year old living in a quaint little city called Tulsa. I live with my handsome husband, a puggle named Sawyer and a kitty named Zuma.
I was a broadcast journalism major and worked for a news station for over a year when I realized I couldn't conform to the pant suits. So now I'm beginning to embark on my marketing career which starts next Monday (Courtney, any tips would be greatly appreciated). I love family, faith, friends, coffee, antiques and diversity. I love to sit down with a big cup of coffee and a stack of glossies. The hubs and my favorite thing to do is plan our travels around the world.

Averill said...

Hi Courtney! I found you via Erika's blog and been a follower for about 6 months now. I live in Houston, TX, with my husband and my dachshund Olivia. I'm 27 and an attorney, but my real passion is for design. You've been a great inspiration for me along the way and I can't wait to keep up on your adventures in KL!

(Oh and my blog is Odi et Amo --

The Rauths said...

i am so glad to see ya'll doing so well! you've been in my prayers as this change happens..sorry to have not commented lately. i've been mia with all that is going on. just wanted to pop in and say hello!

Petunia Face said...

I totally wasn't going to respond but that photo of you with those kick ass boots drew me in! I heart Southern Hospitality, even though I also love my WASPY privacy. I love cats and dogs, although dogs only on a case by case basis. I mean, I like to say I'm a dog person but I'm kinda' embarrassed to admit that I can't stand dog breath and how they get in my face and their tongues. What else? I love beauty treatments and swimming, reading, fruity iced tea, sugar, chocolate, gelato, art and my family. And your boots. The End.

Sarah said...

How fun! I think you already know a bit about me but here's more! Sarah, 27, living in Charlotte, NC. Originally from Arizona I've been here for 2 years and married to my hubby for 2 years as well. I'm a freelance writer which keeps me somewhat busy and I also do administrative work which pays the bills. I guess you could say I'm still trying to figure out what to do when I grow up! I love blogging, traveling {it definitely helps being married to a pilot} and home decor. I spend tons of time scheming how to decorate our new (to us) condo!

Haven and Home said...


I am Marianne. I am in my late 20's trying to figure out what I want to do next. I am currently working as Interior Decorator which I love, I just don't know which direction to take it in. I am trying to learn to enjoy this time but I find myself stressed a lot. I am married to a wonderful man and we have a dog named Harry who we are obsessed with even though we said we never would be those people. ha! I think I came across your blog from Elements of Style or Urban Grace. I love your blog! I am excited to hear about your adventures, I think it is fabulous to live abroad for a little while.

You can visit me @, where I post about things that inspire me, catch my eye and make me happy.

Pink Wallpaper said...

Hey's shannon...i'm a 29yr old- at least for one more month, a southern girl at heart,an interior designer,a mother of a almost 2 yr old, a wife for almost 5 yrs, and a girl who loves nothing more then a glass of wine(or a bottle) and quality time w/ her bff's...i found you when beach bungalow 8 did a house tour on you....

Jessica Ranjbari said...

Hi! I'm Jessica and am 22 years old... I've been married for 9 months on the 26th and we have a 2 and a half year old, Adriana Lily and are expecting our 2nd child September 28th. We live in northeast FL (about 2 hours east of Erika) - I love spending time with my family, the beach, coffee, sweet tea, chocolate, antiques/vintage items, sewing (I make and sell appliqued childrens shirts), summertime... Darby used to go to my church (unfortunately I never met her before they moved) and I found her blog from my best friend's blog - which led me to Erika's blog.....and here I am! I've left comments before, but now you know a little more about me!

You are my fave... said...

I'm Melanie and sometimes you comment on my blog and a feel famous and tell all my friends about it. Right now I'm unemployed but currently babysitting and rifling through the cupboards trying to find something good to eat. The other day I was at the grocery store and I saw a woman wearing just her bathrobe. I kind of wanted to go up to her and tell her it was inappropriate but then I was afraid I'd be caught on Candid Camera or something and my hair was not looking too good. So yeah, my life is exciting.

wanderlust said...

hie. i'm suita, i've just turned 30. hubby and i are ex-pats living london which we have chosen over the lovely hot sunshine and gorgeous beaches of malaysia. we're insane to have done so, as some of our british friends often tell us. my blog is where i blog about our few years in london, making a home in a foreign city. if you want to know the best place in KL for heavenly spa treatments, for buying the most lovely pieces of curios and teak furniture (this is a TOP secret i normally dont like to give everyone hahaha) and ofcourse the yummiest and friendliest place to have breakfast, i'm your gal :) ! hope KL treats both of you well !

Yoli said...

I am Yoli, and like Kathy I will be 40 until people laugh at my face, then I will reconsider and say I am 42. I am an insomniac and that is how I came across your blog. I am a fencer and I have to two beautiful children that I adopted from China. I live in the Florida Keys. We hope one day to move permanently to our children's homeland.

Sarah H said...

Oooh, this is fun! I'm Sarah, a 29 year old southern gal who loves interior design, gardening, cooking, and reading. I'm a newlywed and loving every minute of it! My husband is an airline pilot and we enjoy traveling and parenting our 2 doggies. I'm hoping his job will take us overseas one day as well. I've always wanted to live abroad but have been too afraid to take the plunge. You can be my guinea pig! I found your site through Urban Grace Interiors and love it!

By the way, your house in Houston is adorable, I can't wait to see what you come up with in KL. Good luck with the house hunting!

Jacquie said...

How fun!

Hello, My name is Jacquie, and I am 37. I live in the UK, in Wimbledon. I am from Canada originally, met my now husband when I was here working when I was 24 and the rest is history. Two kids, one girl, one boy. I love interiors, fabulous design, cake, chocolate and shoes (esp into ballet flats at the moment, just bought a lovely pewter pair).

I came to your blog via Urban Grace, and I have been lurking for a couple of weeks now!

Good luck with your move to KL, I am sure you will love it!

Lizzie said...

Hi, I'm Lizzie, and I'm 26. I live in Raleigh, NC with my hubby of almost 4 years, time flies, and my furry daughter Georgia, a chocolate lab. I'm not really sure how I discovered you're blog, but I'm so glad I did. After a little pushing from a friend and being so inspired by blogs, like yours and Ericka's, that I have just started my very own blog. It’s only about a week old and I really haven’t even shared it with anyone, but it’s a place for me to put the things that inspire me like interior design, fashion, food, travel, friends, family, and on and on.

Thanks for sharing your life and inspiration with us!

Chris said...

Hi. My name is Chris. I like you. Do you like me. Circle yes or no.

P.S. Very, very cute pic.

XOXO Chris

sam said...

Hello. I'm Samantha and I am 28 (in two days) and live in NYC with my husband. We're from Houston originally and I don't exactly remember how I found your blog, but enjoy reminiscing about life inside (and outside) the loop. I am an artist and sometimes musician and visual manager for a retail store for my day job. My website is:

Shannon said...

Hi Courtney!

I'm Shannon and 24 and live in Toronto Canada! I've been reading blogs for a while now and only very recently started my own which has been so fun. I work in sales for a major publishing company in Canada, I don't know if its what I really want to do with my life, I kinda fell into it right out of university.

Oh and I have a fabulous baby kitten named Zoey!

Thats me.


Meghan said...

Ahhh I love this! I'm going to do this too on my blog! I'm 30 and 11 days old. single mom to a rowdy six year old who has bigger hair than i will ever have. i love love love blogging and my dream is to one day be rich off of it. i love sushi wine chocolate babies dogs yoga coffee ugh ok i love pretty much everything...ok not everything! like today i hate the rain in seattle.
love your blog.

paula said...

This is fabulous, well, I am Paula. I have 2 lovely little ones, a girl (3) and a boy (2). Married almost 5 years and live here in Alabama. We are both transplants, but have fallen in love with the south. I get to stay at home, but my husband is a pastor and we do photography on the side. Oh, and really could you be any cuter?

all you need is love said...

i'm megan, 21. i'm from imperial, mo, it's just outside st. louis. but now i'm in oxford, ms going to Ole Miss and am graduating a semester early! and i have no idea what i'm going to be doing come january. hopefully law school or graduate school. i've actually just became interested in law today between 11-12 when i was talking to my boyfriend about what i should do with my lfe. i've been with him for the past 6 1/2 months and couldn't be happier. i can't wait til i'm living somewhere that allows me to have a puppy. i really want to brown newfie. and i think i found your blog through simple lovely. my blog's at

pam said...

hi courtney. my name's pam. i found your blog awhile back from beach bungalow perhaps. i spotted your adorable house there. i'm 43 (yikes, how did THAT happen?) and live with my husband and dog and kitten and cat in snoqualmie, a little town 30 miles east of seattle and, omg, it just started snowing! seriously. i used to like snow, not so much in APRIL. i have my own little business designing stationery. you can find me at, named after the cutest brittany ever, pixel. i like paper, antiques, kittens, gardening, dinner parties, sushi, poppies, pancakes, and golf. thanks for the always inspirational blog posts. i've also been enjoying your adventures overseas. good luck in your home search!

Emily said...

Hi Courtney!

I'm Emily, a 28-year-old software engineer for a really fun airline. I will be married 4 years this summer to my best friend. We spend our time trying to decide how to decorate our house in the 'burbs and when we're going to have people over next. I never love my home so much as I do when it's full of friends and fam. Otherwise, you will find me antiquing/junking, learning to use my DSLR, traveling, or playing with our pound puppy, Penny Lane.

I can't wait to follow y'all in your new adventures abroad!

Liz Powers said...

Hi Courtney!

No idea how I found your blog... probably during one of my late night treks to the end of the internet. Ha! I'm an event planner and blogging newbie ( and am increasing dreaming of following suit, quitting my job and living abroad as my dreaded 30th b-day approaches. Any chance you know Mr. Darcy Part Deux in Malaysia??? You now have my email!

Cute idea to introduce.


Ginger said...

Hi, Courtney. I'm Ginger. I just found your blog via "A Cup of Jo." I quickly became enthralled with your adventure to a new land. Could I live vicariously through you? And, even better, you are too cute!

I have been married to my husband for 11.5 years, and we've always dreamed of picking up and moving somewhere totally random. However, we still live in Mississippi where we make our living through relationships and networks - lobbyist and realtor. I, too, am into Southern Hospitality. My little family of 5 (including my 9 year old daughter, 6 year old son, and 11 year old Springer Spaniel) is very social, and our door is always open to friends. My children often ask "who's eating dinner with us tonight?"

Other than my dear friends and family here, my obsessions are reading, writing, exercising, and traveling.

Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Stephanie said...

hey lady.

i'm stephanie - i'm 30, i live in the cleve with my red-headed husband and my dog nora-bean, and i do freelance creative projects to earn my meager living.

i'm hoping someday we get to meet in marfa for a starwatching party!

henrydefine said...

How fun of you! I'm Jessica, a 24 year old Houstonian who just moved back in with my parents until my boyfriend and I find a house to buy--we aren't that picky but we want a midcentury modern inside the beltway, at least! I work in retail sales and do freelance design work... BF and I have 2 labs: Birdie and Margot, and a mini schnauzer, Chas (the 2/3 are intentionally named after characters' in the royal tenenbaums.)

I am obsessed with all things design and love to create things all the live-long day. And I think many people in blogland believe I'm a boy bc of my username, but this is false-- Henry was my grandfathers' name and I just love it dearly.

I found you when I was living in Austin over a year ago and was reading about the lunch you met Paloma at on HER blog... then I was hooked ever since! I'm glad that inside the loop continues so far away!!! x Jess

oh and for Ginger^^ I just started jump-roping--how do I train myself to be obsessed with exercising?! I need this secret.

simply seleta said...

Now I can't decide which of your two blogs is more fun. Glad I met you thru Erika's blog, you two are so cute with your adventures together.

Age: mental 28, physical unknown

Status: married, mom, occasional rebel

Loves: my beau, my four offspring, cupcakes, bike rides, hearing my children laugh, walking barefoot in the sand, catching lizards, champagne, good music, great friends and riding horses.

Obsessions: pretty things, organizing, sun-filled rooms, my children's artwork and retail therapy.

fric and frac said...

Hi Courtney!
What a great idea! My name is Jennifer and I live in Evanston, IL just next to Chicago. I work as a freelance Prop Shopper/Photo Stylist/Photographer...but I am continually trying to find a real job. I'm still not sure what I am going to be when I grow up, but I would really like to find out. Freelancing is great, but also keeps you from ever feeling like you belong anywhere. I love school and wish I could be a student forever. As an art student at Indiana University I always found inspiration being around academics. I love photography, knitting, metalsmithing and jewelry making, printmaking...I am addicted to learning new mediums of art. I have a small business with my sister, Rachel, called Fric and Frac, where we sell handknit accessories and jewelry that we make together in our free time. I have a super cute black pug named Scout that I like to take for walks along the lake. Love your blog and hearing about all of your adventures. I think I found you thru Urban Grace, another great blogger and storyteller. Keep up the great stories and pictures! I've got to try that amaretto recipe sometime soon!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I can't think past how cute your boots are! :) Love

Anonymous said...

Here goes: I am probably the oldest to reply so far. Let's just say, Courtney, I could be your mom! But, old in body does not mean old at heart! I love your blog and found it through Erika's. You guys are two of my favorites and they make me feel good. I like to surround myself with positive things and you always deliver.

I live and work in Houston but also live and play in Galveston. I have two standard poodles named Lola and Piper, and a Weimaraner named Rio.

I am trying to decorate and create a cute beach cottage on the coast but not too beach.

Enough for now, keep up the good work and good luck in KL.

We all love you!

please sir said...

Hi there - great post! I'm Diana, author of Please Sir. I'm going on 27 and a textile designer. I live in NC, love to fleamarket and would rather go out to eat than cook! I dream of traveling and making a difference. My weakenesses are snuggling, photography and sweet cereals.

Thao said...

Why, hello, Courtney! I adore your blog and I think you and your husband (and your St. Bernard) are too cute for words. My name is Thao and I think I found you through A Cup of Jo, but it was awhile ago, so I can't be sure. I'm 23, but whenever I see other 23-year-olds, I think, "Oh, s/he's so young. That baby!" It's silly. In my blog I write about lovey-dovey wedding stuff, but in my serious writing, I only write about unhappy couples (mostly from the South!). I love the smell of rain and creamy pasta carbonara and strangers' smiles on the street. I wish I were cool enough to wear sunglasses indoors. So nice to meet you, (somewhat) officially.

The O'Donnells said...


I'm Jennifer (just emailed you the other day for the first time), I'm 27, a lawyer, in Jackson, MS and a design blog junkie. I've been married for 3 years to my best friend who is also a lawyer and who dreams of being a professional triathlete. We both constantly talk about the "what ifs" and hope one day to live our dreams! My husband is an adventurer and has made me feel like we can do anything together. We both love a great patio and a sunny day and making new friends. We also have the montra...the more the merrier! I found your blog through Erika's and have loved "getting to know you".

Currently I am training for my first triathlon (simply to get into shape) but my loves are fashion and design. I am not the most creative but love seeing other's ideas and making them something of my own.

I love blogs...makes the world that much smaller...we have a horribly neglected one -

Love following your new KL adventures!

LindsB said...

Hi Courtney!!

I'm Lindsay, 27, and work/live in Boston and love it! I'm a New England girl at heart but hope to reside internationally in the future because the BF has a dream of working outside the States like your husband. I currently work in advertising but hope to change that someday, I just have to find the right dream to follow. I'm addicted to shopping online and now have to get packages delivered to my office so the BF doesn’t find them all. I'm very creative and love to keep busy sewing/crafting/decorating while the BF is busy finishing up his MBA. I have no pets but hope to have a puppy to call my own soon since children are not in the near future.

I found your blog through Urban Grace and I can’t wait to follow your KL adventures and get some insight as you navigate the expat life.

I’m addicted to blogs and recently started my own; you can follow my musings/daily thoughts at

Kathryn said...

I'm Kate...I grew up in Maryland, got stuck in Indianapolis after college, but am about to move to Manhattan with my husband, dachshund, and four cats. My favorite things are running, the smell of gasoline, separating the pulp of grapefruit from the membrane, and chewing ice. The only crazy thing I've ever done was cash in my 401K to take off for a month to southeast Asia last fall (I spent two nights in KL!) without an itinerary or a heads-up to anyone except my husband (I didn't even tell my parents til I got home).

little miss said...

Alright, here goes:

I'm Elizabeth, author of the slow-to-the-uptake blog Life After Architecture (dotcom). At the tender age of 26, I'm engaged to a Texan, Matt (and getting married far earlier than my previous expectation of the 30+ goal) and live in NYC. I work in the marketing dept of a big architecture firm, am planning on getting a phd in architectural history in the near future, and am chomping at the bit to move to Austin, Tx in the next year! [Hook 'em horns!] We're planning a backyard wedding (in our as-of-yet-unbought house)and since I come from a long line of DIY-ers, the prospect of tearing stuff down, repainting, repairing and building it all back up makes me weak in the knees! I've also recently discovered that I can actually cook up a storm in the kitchen, and am looking forward to a backyard full of vegetables, bbqs and two dogs!

Austin or bust! (for 5-8 years of a phd at least)

Happy travels Courtney - if you make your way to Australia, take a copious amount of notes as that's where we're heading on a honeymoon (err...eventually!)

muchtomychagrin said...

Hi Courtney! :) What a great idea, though by now, I'm sure you're swamped with loads of introductions.

I'm Mae, I'm 21 years old and I'm still a university student. I grew up in KL, Malaysia (where you are now!) but now living in Sydney, Australia. I love books, reading, writing and the arts in general and this is something I've essentially been wrestling with a lot since I had to make that decision on college applications; because I'm a finance major at the moment. I'm an ENFP personality type, if that means anything. :) I'm melancholic, random, talkative and dreamy.

I'm pretty sure I found you through A Cup of Jo. My reader has been swimming with so many new linkages lately, I can't keep track.

My blog is
Though I haven't been writing much; if at all. :(

But reading yours has been awesome :) Can't wait for more KL stories!

P.S: I was so excited when they started bringing in Pop Tarts to KL btw, mainly because when I was growing up I always had to wait for my grandparents or cousins to come back for a visit to bring some. And Lucky Charms! Who can resist that horrible sugary goodness?

Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney ~ I'm Laura, a 30 year old Southern Indiana girl. I'm a a Media Buyer for medical research clinics across the US. I found your blog through Erika (I'm married to her cousin). My husband and I share our adventures big and small on our blog We're really ready for kiddos, but are trying to learn to wait patiently. Say a little prayer for us! In the meantime, we're working on house projects and taking road trips here and there.

I've enjoyed your blog for awhile and definitely look forward to reading more as your adventure continues abroad! L

Laura said...

Didn't mean to be anonymous...

GraceK said...

I'm Grace, 28 (though still feel like I'm 21...anyone else?). I'm a graphic designer who lives in Ireland with the love of my life, my dear American husband. As I spent most of my life living in the States, I really miss Southern culture and at times would kill for some sweet tea and some REAL southern BBQ. I am an old movie fanatic - musicals especially - and often say that I should have been around during the Golden Age of Hollywood, if only to be a fly on the wall! I love fashion, interior design, art, traveling, Paris, Venice...I could go on. I love my family and my dear friends and my life would be nothing without them.

I found you via your talented friend Erika at Urban Grace.

Wishing you, your hubby and your beautiful hound so much happiness in KL!

kel said...

thanks Courtney! Love the idea!
I’m Kel, 40-something (but feel much younger). Grew up happy & healthy in CA; loved, lived & worked in NYC at ad agencies for 7 years after college; currently in beautiful UT -- married to a dedicated Navy medic, mother to 3 amazing children and diggin’ being director of marketing for an IT research company. I love wrangling my kids and seeing the world through their eyes; traveling (have explored a bit but my list is long); reading (everything but horror and romance…or ho’mance). I’m a foodie (everything but liver and watermelon) and I love sports and being outside. Love hangin’ with my extended family and friends but I’m also very comfortable with and enjoy alone time. I believe everyone should have a “harmless” addiction, a deep dark secret they needn’t ever divulge and “tickets on the fridge” (something to look forward to).

PS~Erin said...

Okay, I'll join in... This will be my first comment on your blog, as I found it (and lost it and found it again) just recently. I think I came over via Miss Aimee at Mostly Mod, and I'm completely enjoying reading back through. (Love, love the garage sale event!) Anyways, I'm Erin, 36, wife to a wonderful guy and mom to two little blessings. I stay at home with them and also have a home business. I love coffee, decorating & design, my family, chocolate, ice cream, traveling, my girlfriends, and just hanging out at home. That's me in a nutshell! Nice to meet you. (Oh, and I can't not say, how incredibly adorable you are!) Have a good day!

Melissa Jade said...

I'm melissa- 24- live in NYC with my DH, Bryan, and dearest pup Spock. I teach 4th grade and stumbled upon your blog via another blog.

I love cooking, yoga, sewing and hope to get better at all those things in years to come =)

Carrie said...

Hi Court,
Im Carrie. Just moved back to Houston (right outside the loop) after graduating from college. I have loved reconnecting with the city, since I grew up way outside the beltway loop (Ewww). I am definitely one of the creepers who reads your blog religiously and doesn't even have one! I love discovering Houston's little treasures, through your posts!

allie in g'town said...

I'm Alice and I'm a blogaholic...woopsie, I mean, I'm alice and I found your blog thru Patricia at PVE Design. She did the illustration for my blog and recommended your's as a blog I should read. Up until a month ago I was a "one blog only" girl and had faithfully read Melissa C. Morris's blog for several years. But now I'm slowly branching out and watching hours of the day slip away. I will continue to stalk you though as we too are entertaining the thought of becoming ex pats, possibly in Switzerland. And, I hope you don't mind but this is a little like that "25 Random Things You Should Know About Me" on Facebook and I may have to borrow/steal/copy the idea for moi.

Collar's Up!
Allie in G'town

ps luuuuv the boots

Liz Powers said...

Hi Courtney,

Thanks for the note. Oh Mr. Darcy... the fictional Jane Austen character (later portrayed as hot Colin Firth in Bridget Jones) and the elusive man of my dreams. Let me know if your husband has a twin (hence the part deux comment). I've dated a lot of American losers.. I'm ready to go global.

Seriously, today was one of those days when you contemplate sliding your blackberry across the office table and walking out. I'm now at home with a fat glass of wine (and no, it's not 10am... ha!). What's it like as an ex-pat in Malaysia? Are you both working? In school?


jane said...

'ello! I'm going to be a dentist. But I love design and pretty things, both in abundance on your blog. One blog led to another, and now here we are.

I blog about my gnome that was stolen. He (Gnomeo) sends me postcards.

Susan said...

Hi Courtney,
I'm a 35-year-old mother of 3 (Eleanor - 6, Hayes - 3.5, and Ben- 9 months) who lives in Atlanta with my husband of 10 years. I just started reading your blog recently and LOVE the idea behind your recent move. Now is the time in your life where you can do it. I'm dying to live overseas (I've traveled a good bit but not truly immersed myself) and think I'll have to wait until we retire to do so. It is on my "Bucket" list though so I'm hoping to get it accomplished. :-)

I am relatively new to the blogging world (6 months or so) but am starting to come out of the shadows! It is a great escape for me since I'm home A LOT. I have started to blog myself ( about my kids and largely for family consumption. It just seems easier than keeping up with three physical baby albums/scrapbooks!

Enjoying your adventures!


Lara said...

Hello!! I'm Lara. I'm 21 (will be 22 in a few days!) and I just graduated from UCLA and moved home (Orange County, CA) for a few months before I start my big girl job in August. I'm still trying to find what I want to do in life and am excited to hear about your life as an expat - I think I may follow step soon, well I hope to! I have a blog but I'm not the best at updating it - I am trying to be better now that I'm done with school. I stumbled upon your blog from Paloma of La Dolce Vita.

Megan said...

Hi - I'm Megan, and similar to yourself, a brand new expat. I'm from Brisbane, Australia, worked in HR, but recently quit my job to join my Canadian husband who is employed by a mining company in Manila, Philippines. We have 1 fur child - a fox terrier, but due to the tough Australian quarantine laws, decided to leave him at home, where he is currently driving my sisters crazy! I really miss him though! I'm having fun immersing myself in a completely different culture, cuisine, language, road rules and enjoying the $9 massages! Also loving having the time to read fascinating blogs! Can you believe the amount of information available on the internet??? I think I found you via A cup of Jo or petunia face...

jodieak51 said...

Hi-I'm Jodie. I'm 36 and enjoy readig various blogs. I am married to a software engineer for a cable, phone, and internet company. I am the Director of Marketing and Complaince for a Registered Investment Advisor.I love seeing how other people decorate, cook, shop etc. I found your blog through a link on another blog.

Cake for Breakfast said...

Good afternoon! I'm Sarah and I can't recall anymore how I found your blog, but I am so excited for your new international adventures! I'm 29 and already planning my 30th birthday party (which will be a karaoke party where I will dazzle everyone with REM's It's the End of the World as we Know it). I've recently moved to Chicago, but still commute to St. Louis to do my job with the Convention & Visitors Commission. I love movies and musicals and baking and the color sage green and kittens. I have curly hair which I've learned to embrace and love. Some days I think I want to rule the corporate world, other days I want to plan mega events like the Olympics opening ceremonies or SuperBowl half time shows, more and more I think I should become a pastry chef, and every now and then all I want to do is work at Crate and Barrel so I can be surrounded by people wanting to make their homes homier.

Bekah said...

Hi! I am really enjoying reading everyone's responses. I do not remember how I found your blog, but I absolutley love it. I am 23 and am living in Seattle. I grew up in Atlanta and after college married a pilot and have since been traveling across the US. I love living in the Pacific Northwest and I enjoy my odd, but interesting lifestyle. I have serious wanderlust (which is probably why I am so drawn to your blog). I know what it's like to live out of a hotel, on a friend's floor/or couch and without my own furniture for several months at a time. We just bought our first house and are slowly fixing it up inbetween our (seperate) travels. I have a golden retriever named Rowan who keeps me sane and makes every new place feel a little more like home.

Camille said...

This post is such a great idea! I'll have to do it on my blog, too!

I'm Shani, 30, married, and mother to an amazing 2 1/2-year-old boy. I love staying home with him and also have a creative streak that means business, so I write, paint, blog, and take pictures. I live in South Carolina and I have a blog called Camille Maurice, which I say is just an exaggerated version of me. A little more loud mouthed (though this week I've been pretty tame!). We also have two doggies- a Pomeranian and a German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix. I'm a weird mixture of introvert and extrovert. I love being in a crowd and having a great time, but I'm just as happy at home with my family or a great book. I also love music. If you saw my iTunes list you'd think I was insane. It has everything from Ray LaMontagne to Kanye West to Yo-Yo Ma. My husband says it's because I have ADD and OCD at the same time, LOL! I'm really looking forward to keeping up with your blog!


sparkle.c.transplant said...

Hi, I'm Amy and I found you through Erika's urban grace blog (liked the blog, fell in LOVE with her work). I didn't move nearly as far as you did but left Charleston (Chucktown) for Spartanburg, SC (aka Sparklecity - which lent itself well to becoming a blog). I love Southern bloggers and like seeing so many "Metairie"s on your comment board since growing up one of my best friends was from the same. I volunteer at the Humane Society b/c I cannot have a dog b/c I live in an apartment and have no time ("prosecutor by day" with days lasting well into the night). I recently lost a friend to Taiwan - she teaches and her husband is in classes/working on his Chinese - so I'm thinking a lot about your new side of the world.

Jess said...

-I found your blog via A Cup of Jo
-hobbies include reading loads of style blogs and magazines, baking, traveling and being outside
-In 6 weeks I am getting married. Our wedding is at the New Jersey shore, where I grew up. Shortly after we will be living in Cape Town, South Africa. My fiance is from there so we are excited to be back on his home turf and explore the beauty of Southern Africa including a roadtrip to Namibia!
-I love your blog, especially all your adventures of living in a foreign country!

Rachel said...

How fun!
Rachel, and have been married for 3 months! I am graduating in 3 weeks from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with my degree in Social Work. Then going to get my Masters in Clinical Social Work at the University of Alabama. I'11 be 27 next month and absolutely love life right now. We have a 7 year old cat named Tigger, who steals our hearts each day. We are slowly building our house into a home and I've just started blogging this month!
My husband is a musician, so we get to travel around the SouthEast and hopefully many more places soon! I have a DEEP passion for Africa and the poverty they face, as well as the art & culture. My ultimate dream/goal is to be involved with international adoption and the orphanages in Africa, trying to help these children live a life they deserve.
I love fashion and design, and have just been coming out of my shell over the past year expressing both!
Love your blog, and I really can't remember how I found your blog. Just internet stalking one day I'm sure!

Liz said...

Fun! I introduced myself over at Kate's too, since I read you both.

Soooo....hi! I'm Liz. 26, live in new york city, work as a copywriter at an ad agency on madison avenue. Not nearly as glamorous as it looks on Mad Men, but I have to admit, sometimes I'm a little giddy with the opportunities it affords me. Other than that, I love to cook and bake, and I would love to have a dog someday :)

Courtney said...

Hi Court! Courtney here, 29 years old and living in Houston with my husband. We have two dogs who I am crazy about, and I can't wait until they are with us again. I am a procrastinator to the core, but believe I truly work best under pressure. I am also a crazy night owl and a perfectionist.

I get terribly nervous before meeting new people, and, although I love being social, I also need quiet time too. I could eat Mexican food every day, must have coffee, and often crave ice cream (or frozen yogurt or gelato) and sour gummy candy. I like cooking, but I hate doing dishes.

I am a magazine-addict. I buy books more quickly than I read them, and I have a to-read list a mile long. I love scoring a good deal on an amazing vintage find, although my deal-finding skills are much better honed for home decor than fashion. I love DIY projects and can't wait to have another home to begin "fixing up."

Were you mentioned by Desire to Inspire? Because I think I might have found you in one of their Reading Guides, but I can't really remember now. Either way, I am happy I did and happy to now know you.

Did I ever mention I tend to write too much... ;)

ChristopherPaul said...

-Christopher Paul


-Found your blog looking for Frye Boots in Houston

-Maybe the third man in to admit reading in, but I read here as often as NYT.

-Live in Houston.

Jennifer said...

Hello there. I'm Jen, 25, living in Birmingham, Alabama with my adorable (and handy) husband in a kind of-granny ranch house (I call her Betty) that we're (slowly) renovating ourselves. We have a cat named Peepers (my firstborn) and a wild Border Collie named Maddie, who is lucky she is so dang cute!

Pretty sure I found your blog when Megan featured your house on BB8 and have been reading since. Can't wait to hear about your adventures abroad!

(and I like parenthesis [but apparently can't spell it])

deniselaborde said...

Hi , I'm Denise, 34.75 , and the SAHM-artist-designer-educator-wife-sister-daughter-friend type. Started blogging to stay in touch with family ;) Found your blog via Design Mom. I like reading, shopping, talking on the phone, spooning, eating, laughing and travel.
Nice to meet you!

AT said...

Hi Courtney!

My name is Amanda and I'm 28 and live in a four-plex in East Dallas with my 16-year-old cat. I love crocheting and knitting and otherwise playing with yarn, any and all food (cooking it, eating it, playing with it), music (lots of different stuff but think Andrew Bird, Rufus Wainwright, and the like), watching too much TV, antiquing for stuff for my wee apartment, and poking at my potted plants out back. All this stuff is covered in my blog, which I cannot decide what to name.

I'm permanently single and drive a Volkswagen. I miss New York. I work in magazines and am naturally underpaid. I love my family.

OH, and I found your blog sometime last year (I want to say last summer..?) and live vicariously through you. :)

Lost and Learning said...

I'm Larissa, 19 year old lass from Alberta, Canada. I'm a first year student to the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Alberta and I have NO IDEA what I want to use my degree for in the future. However,I currently have two jobs as custodian and fitness attendent and I am in the process of potentially getting a third job by this Friday. Yes, three part-time jobs. I love to work and make money that I never seem to use.

I'm a spontaneous adventure seeker although life events and other such things become a tangled mess to jump out of much of the time.

I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years and we are moving into our new condo in 5 days, yay!

You can visit me at:

Iva said...

Hi! I'm Iva and I saw first came across your blog as the blog of note! It looks like you are having an amazing time! Keep up the great job and you can visit me at :-)

Byebye enjoy!!

McNew Family said...

Nice to meet you! I'm Donna - loving life in SW WA, where it happens to be RAINING at the moment - imagine that!

Come on over and visit us at

come right on in!

Blessings, Donna

Duncan said...

Hi Courtney, interesting-looking blog you have here :)

Me? I've just started my second half-century; perhaps I'll get somewhere now! I've been a variety of things, including-but-not-limited-to photographer, mortgage adviser, roving bookseller and member of an innovations partnership. I'm a mental butterfly, but have never before described myself as such in public. I'm currently between jobs, but an new one is imminent ... as soon as I've made it through the interview panel.

I'm being drawn back to photography. Definitely more interested in the arts than sport.

I'm an exiled Scot, but don't miss home; the climate in Australia suits me more. I like haggis, whisky, good design, the night sky, Douglas Adams and Spike Milligan - to name but a few things.

I spend too much time on a computer, and not enough time with my nose in a book. I can be found at: this blog, that blog, and at my Redbubble gallery.

Vanessa Tuau said...

Hi from Australia - I'm Vanessa, I take photos, raise 5 children and feed my Cook Islander husband (not in that order....he gets fed first:) My life would be perfect if I owned a Kitchen Aid mixer in Ice Blue. V:)

Ella Cne' said...

Hi, I'm Toni and I want to start by saying that I'm quite sure that I am the youngest to post a comment. I'm 17 years old and I live in a tiny town called Throckmorton in north-west Texas.

I'm a Junior in Throckmorton ISD and I love it. I have many acedimic awards behind me and I'm known in my town as 'the artist'.

I'm known for my awards in acedimic competitions like writing events in UIL (I just found out that I advanced to state in Headline Writing =D yay for me!). I also recently won the poetry contest in my school and when I read it outloud I left the auditorium in silence.

I write every chance I get, on my laptop, school's computers (like now), my drawing-pad my arms, my legs, reciepts and tags, random scraps of paper, anything I can get my hands on!

I spend all my spare class time in my art class room with my (much older) twin of a teacher, Mrs. Key. We experiment together and laugh at everything.

I avoid and crave attention at the same time.

I found your blog on blogs of note and I definately think that you deserved it.

I think the Olivia Bee has the most amazing photography.

I live in music. I can't create it to save my life but I live through it.

I love my boyfriend, Kevin. We hav only been dating for a little over a week, but I've known him for 13 years. I turned him down 5 times but always cared for him. One day I thought how close we were and how I wanted to be there for him always, the next day he asked me a 6th time and I said yes. I believe he almost passed out. He has had one other girlfriend in his life and he is 18 years old. He waited for me for so long and now my eyes are open to him, finally.

I'm a Christian and proud of it. I love my God and I am so thankful that he opened my eyes to Kevin.

I'm a teenager in body and mind and heart, but I believe that my mind and heart are already yearning towards an early adulthood.

I am fairly new to blogging and I have a hard time updating regualarly and I have come to terms with that. I decided that it's just my life and it will just be another part of the originality of my blog.

I love life and I feel like everything is going beautifully.

I try to give light to a lost story on blogs. The story of a teen, one not sucked up by drama, sorrow, self-centered-ness, hatered, and insanity. I'm a teen raised in the old-fashioned way that I hope sets me apart.

I try not to let the dramas of high school pull me in and make me the typical whiney teenage girl.

I love your blog and the style of your writing.

I am appologizing for my comment being so long.

I hope you enjoyed it.

I pray that I wasn't a bore to you.


Dani said...

Hi! You're getting close to 100 comments on here! Great idea, by the way- just hope you get to my comment before your sick of reading!

Hello, My Name Is Dani
age 23 (24 in June, yes I'm still counting up)
I post at as well as and

The first is a daily random themed blog where I post everything but. The second contains the but- poetry. And the third contains the other but- my family stuff.

As a mother of two (one toddler and one baby) I am quite busy. So my hobbies consist of them, cleaning, and blogging. I try to squeeze in more writing on my book sometimes too. (I'm using the term "book" loosely here.)

If found you as the BLOG OF NOTE today! Congrats! And I'm glad to say it- this blog is quite amusing! You'll have to drop by mine when you get around to it. I'm sure your swamped with attention right now. :) Good luck sifting through comments!


Christy said...

Hi, I'm Christy. I found you through Blog of Note, I think. 34, married to the love of my life, 8 month old daughter, 3.5 year old black lab. Happily a stay at home mom, former technical writer. In philly. I like your blog!

Kat said...

Hey Courtney,
I love your blog! My name is Kat, I also go by Kathy. I am an East Coast Canadian ExPat living in the glorious South. I moved down here 9 years ago, met my husband and ended up staying. I have two sweet daughters, 3 and 2 that make me laugh constantly.
My blog is

atayala said...

Great blog in here. Nice couch too.

Deirdre G

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