Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daily Eats

Living in the land of laksas and curries, one glance at Bon Appetit's 365 Days of Eating American takes me home with just a double-click. The digital page-a-day calendar shares recipes, historical anecdotes, and scoop on legendary food events nationwide. But don't think you're getting gypped for half a year, the calendar runs through April 2010.


LouDuk said...

What a cool idea! We would have loved to have had something like that while overseas. Although I did love the Asian food.

Frau said...

I agree with Lou, nice to have and see all the yummy foods I'm missing. The recipes are a plus.
Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful Wednesday how are the chewy sweet tarts!

jae said...

I subscribed to the feed. It will be a good source for inspiration.