Sunday, June 7, 2009

Focus Group

InFocus: Reimagining the World is a nonprofit organization started by Andrew Kilbourn, Special Projects Director at Glamour magazine, and his high school friend, Faith Model. Together they create short documentary films that highlight the rare—but existent—positive news in regions wrecked by despair, poverty, disaster and oppression. By telling a story of hope, they aim to inspire action and motivate individuals to feel, to think and to act towards change.

InFocus is challenging us to each donate just $1 [or more if you're feeling especially generous!] so they can continue these much-needed efforts around the world. Then email their story to at least 10 people and give new meaning to "social networking." After all, isn't this the year for hope and change?


jae said...

love their concept of showing hope. i'll be back later to finish watching.

Courtney said...

I know, it's a long video but the message is so great. I get so tired of watching, reading and hearing about all the negative filth in this world. Someone focusing on the positive, and only the positive, is such a breath of fresh air!