Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Holi Smoke

It seems everywhere I turn Indian Summer inspiration is staring back at me. I'm finally realizing this is a surefire sign to book our trip for the Holi Festival in March.

[Vogue India May 2009 via Smile.]


Alina said...

I LOVE that first dress! Too bad I don't have the legs to pull it off. :)

Frau said...

I really love all the bright colors, I'm such a orange girl!

bandelle said...

Oooh, the colors! Perfect for the summer.

Hope you are doing well, Courtney. I have a million and one questions for you because we're about to move to New York and I know you're an expert on the city. Your mini NYC guide will come in handy!


bunny + chip said...

I love that orange is so in right now, such a great color. Awesome dresses!

valerie said...

as SOON as i read this, i ended up finding this other post on coco+k: http://cocokelley.blogspot.com/2009/07/india-in-blackwhite.html


Liz said...

I'm totally obsessed with going to that festival. I found some awesome pics... link is on blog. Love the new masthead. xo