Sunday, September 27, 2009

Peace, Love and Reggae

We spent the better part of Sunday evening [and technically some of Monday, too] in a quaint venue on Look Out Point listening to regional musicians create the chill sounds of Bossa Nova, Reggae, Jazz and Soul Funk—my favorite being the lovely Angelita Li. And though it took us well over an hour to find the local spot, which was only 4 miles from our house, the mellow tunes and sunset views over Kuala Lumpur were worth the hellacious drive. Sometimes it's nice to throw caution to the wind on a "school night" without stressing over Monday's tedious demands.


jae said...

i guess i'm a glutton for punishment this morning. first, the junk boats and then i actually clicked on the look out point link. what a perfect sunday (and early monday)

Vanessa said...

Ooooh, so nice! There's nothing better than some seriously good live music. On Sunday or any other day of the week!

pink-to-green said...

Loving the vibe! One of the best things about living abroad is discovering new artists and even better seeing them live in a beautiful setting-- so glad you shared this!