Monday, November 16, 2009

Gift Guide: Bohemian Rhapsody

For the Gypsy Woman who keeps her nose in a book and head in the clouds, and whose bedside stack of tomes is her ever-comforting security blanket. She believes in kismet, Karma and constant soul searching, all the while running the roads from Turkey to Timbuktu. Life is always an adventure.

1. For someone who spouts new ideas every minute and stays deep in thought, this Light Bulb knit hat is spot-on.

2. Every travel guru needs an eclectic notebook, or five, to scribble down discoveries found off the beaten track. And to store their yogi du jour's phone number.

3. What better way to end a meal of garlic naan and chicken tandoori than with exotic curry mints?

4. Keeping track of all her international numbers while traversing the globe is a must. Enfin, La Voila is my favorite source for one-of-a-kind calling cards.

5. A Patchwork Jodhpur Rug that's handmade by from vintage saris is just what your girl on the go needs to place under that teak piece from Indonesia.

6. Limited edition typographic art that's been hand-printed on wood will fit her no-fuss decorating scheme to a tee.

7. The new Mr & Mrs Smith hotel book, along with one of their exclusive memberships, will have your globetrotter shacking up at the most stylish hotels around the world. She'll be treated to room upgrades, special discount rates, free dinners, exclusive spa treatments, and more.

8. Nothing beats a cheeky coin purse. She'll always have change on hand for a night of Shanghai Rummy or to catch a cab home from the last minute pub crawl.

9. Made from vintage kantha quilts by women in India, these artisan bags make the ultimate carry-ons. And for a whole new bag of tricks, grab the large Weekender size or smaller Bowler companion, too.

10. The LEGO Taj Mahal is sure to be the hit of a late night get-together. Warning: Alcohol may affect hand-eye coordination, especially when it comes to a three dimensional puzzle with over 5,900 pieces.

11. A cast iron mermaid bottle opener that looks like it could have been bought anywhere from Maui to Bali will look darling placed on an end table for quick access.

12. L'Artisan Parfumeur's hand-carved Terracotta Amber Ball contains pure amber crystals that gradually diffuse into the air. Because no stylish girl worth her salt would dare be caught with a Plug-In.


tiffany said...

These are great! I'm really loving the mermaid bottle opener!

Stash said...

love these C!
must share Coulson Macleod
as it goes with my theme for the week
hats off to you
have a great week!

susan said...

I love this collection! The Lego Taj is amazing! I just got my India visa yesterday and this sparked my imagination again!

Ann said...

Love the calling cards and the jodhpur rug! Too bad the blue rug is sold out.

Lara said...

I love this collection! Especially the rug and the legos! Thanks for including me!

Blair said...

Wonderful gift collection! Those notebooks are especially beautiful.

Courtney said...

Yay that your gift guides are back-- you absolutely do the best job with them! And that art print included here is fantastic.

beachbungalow8 said...

you have the best gift guides, seriously. I've had that image of the saying up on my desktop for the past few weeks! we're on the same wave length.

TheBeautyFile said...

Yay for Mr/Mrs Smith travel guide! I love your collages....they're always so pretty!

So, I need your help....I'm collecting data about the best hair stylists across the globe....figured you could help me with the Asia/Texas contingency....come stop by and leave your input! Please forward to all your friends! Trying to get the most accurate data for the most places! Then going to share on my blog as a permanent fixture!

Vanessa said...

Screw the loved ones. I need to put that Lego Taj Mahal on MY list!

One.Twenty.Fifty.Two said...

that's a really good guide. but wth are "curry mints" are they curry flavored mints (cuz that wud be gross) or mints to make the curry aftertaste go away (that would rock).

stewart and james said...

ummm, is this gift guide for YOU?! xx

Courtney said...

Busted, Arre! :)

prashant said...

What a fun trip! It sounds amazing!

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