Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Out and About

Sometimes life gets rolling and sitting at my computer takes a back seat. It's times like this I crave more sleep than software, and wish blog posts were as effortless as Facebook status updates.

Courtney is... running the roads, eating up life, and steering clear of anything that remotely resembles technology.

What's your latest news?


chelsea said...

lucky! taking a break from all this technology is the best!! have fun.

Frau said...

Enjoy and have fun living!!

tiffany said...

Go live your life and have fun with it! Sometimes the blogging has to take a backseat, but I'm sure you'll have lots of fun stories to share!

I've been busy turning 30! Whee!!!

Jessie said...

Ugh, I am SOOO feeling the same right now. It's like sometimes I just want to focus on actually experiencing life instead of trying to think about how I will document it later. Sounds trite, but it's true for me. :) Hope you're having fun, Dear!

Vanessa said...

Vanessa is... Recovering from the Phoenix show she went to in Copenhagen last night. My feet hurt, but it was sooooo fun!

erika said...

Erika is... way behind on blog reading. Pumping her tatas 24-7. And totally exhausted! Everyone needs a break every once in awhile!