Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rising Up From Down Under

J and I turned off all portable devices and jet-setted to Melbourne, Australia this past week. While I do my fair share of globetrotting, it's rare that my partner-in-crime isn't working; I milked this time for all it was worth!

Guilty pleasures included sleeping until 10AM, eating more than 3 meals a day [snack and drink breaks not included], touring wineries, rocking out with Pearl Jam, and playing with miniature penguins. In our short time Down Under we survived the hottest November night in Melbourne's history and the wettest day of the year.

If you find yourself traveling to the Land of Oz anytime soon, here's my own take on the Best of Melbourne:

Cookie. Per the recommendation of my bestie, we stopped by this bar not once, but twice during our quick trip. Perfect spot to duck out of the rain and the Pimms Passion wasn't too shabby either.

MoVida Sangria. They tell you it's potent, but that's an understatement.

• Olives. No matter which restaurant, bar or snack shop you pop in to, you'll find glorious, glorious olives in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some warm and marinated, others cold and pure. All mouth watering and addictive.

Da Noi. You sit. You're served. You eat. Make sure your "don't eat" list is extensively thorough if rabbit, sardines and octopus would not tickle your fancy. I will dream about our 4-course meal for the rest of my days.

Brighton's Bathing Boxes. The colors are uplifting and gripping, even in rather dismal, overcast conditions.

Mornington Peninsula. Wineries, olive groves, beautiful bays, and famous hedge mazes make up this special part of Victoria.

Red Hill House. The most darling shop in all of Victoria. Not only does it put Anthropologie's home section to shame, but the perfectly curated merchandise makes it easy to forgo airline restrictions and spring for the extra baggage weight needed to bring your loot home.

Fenton. If I could transport any boutique directly into my home, this would unquestionably be it. Sisters Lucy and Emma Fenton have redefined the look of global imports.


Frau said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Safe travels and have fun.

laura @ so alaurable said...

What a wonderful getaway!

Ann said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time! I can't wait to see your finds from Red Hill House and Fenton!

tiffany said...

What a fun trip! It sounds amazing!

prashant said...

Safe travels and have fun.

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Kat said...

Ooh, I love those bathing boxes. The colors are super fun!

stewart and james said...

so. fun.

Anonymous said...

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Apt. #34 said...

I've been dying to go to Melbourne - this looks like an amazing trip!