Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm convinced editor-in-chief, creative director, designer, publisher, filmmaker and rule breaker Chris Brown was alloted extra hours per day at birth.

Shortly after creating alt country design blog Urban Prairie Refueled, Chris launched Refueled, an online magazine with quite the cult following. Refueled Films, a Behind-the-Cover film series; the fashionable Fuzz; and back-to-his-roots surf, skate and snow culture blog, Choka, were all next on his grand list of accomplishments. And if the above titles weren't enough for his boundless repertoire, Chris is now making way for a board line, Refueled Sidewalk Surfboards, and a series of photography books to serve as extensions of his inexhaustible creativity. Whew, he has the Midas touch.

I want to be Chris Brown when I grow up. Or at least impart a sliver of his energy.


Mickie Antognoli said...

very very very cool stuff...thanks for sharing!

Maggie May said...

no kidding! that's how i feel about Dave Eggers.

The Lil Bee said...

OK, just reading his credentials tired me out! You know that game where someone asks you what five people, dead or alive, you'd want at a dinner party? I think this guy could definitely be a contender.