Friday, December 4, 2009

Gift Guide: Game Changers

For the Sports Enthusiast who always knocks it out of the park and comes out swinging. This time the ball is in your court with a slam dunk list that's sure to turn the tide of the gift-giving game.

1. Your fisherman may have many a pole, but I guarantee he doesn't have one made from carrot compounds. The Carrot Stix weighs next to nothing [just over 3 ounces] and is stronger and more sensitive than traditional rods.

2. A waterproof MP3 player is just what your swimmer needs to keep laps from being a bore. And most likely this is the one gadget you'll try your darndest to steal from his gym bag.

3. Always running late to beach volleyball games? Or does your pal have a need for speed? Using an iPhone or iPod touch, the Viper SmartStart allows you start your engine, lock or unlock the car, activate the alarm, and open the trunk—no matter how far away from your ride.

4. Bicycle tires that merge form and function. These rubbers serve as reflectors at night and statement makers during the day.

5. Aquavee Pilates Plus is a swim work out system that my husband swears by. It's portable and doesn't require an entire room of equipment—or sky high gym membership—to get a full body resistance workout.

6. Got muscle? Race to the finish and experience first-hand the thrill and excitement of racing a 600 horse power, Sprint Cup style stock car at Talladega. Apparently speed does come at a price.

7. The Helmet HERO is the world's smallest, wireless helmet and gear-mountable video camera for outdoor junkies. Shockproof and waterproof, the camera features a 170ยบ wide angle lens and the ability to automatically take a photo every 2 seconds. He'll never miss a single action shot during his next rafting adventure.

8. The handy FT80 is a watch your Mom would approve. It contains a heart-rate monitor that calculates rest periods and chimes when your body is primed for the next round of reps.

9. Truly for the person who has everything, the 10 Hour Heated Stadium Seat will keep your football fanatic from being a fair-weathered fan. Rechargeable and, most definitely, enviable.

10. Swim goggles suck. Barracuda frames match the contours of your eye sockets so that suction isn't necessary. No more headaches, no more sore noses, and no raccoon eyes.

11. The SkyCaddie GPS range finder calculates the distance to up to 40 targets per hole, simultaneously, in less than a second. Trust me, even if that sentence sounds like Greek to you, your traveling golfer would think this was a hole in one.

12. If you've ever feared bringing your camera or phone in a kayak, this SeaVault Capsule would ease your mind. The waterproof bucket can withstand submersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 3 feet; a life saver for water enthusiasts.


Feather Report said...

Thank you for single-handedly figuring out what I need to get for my brother-in-law, who's my secret santa this year!

J said...

One of each please, minus the aquavee, have it and love it!!