Monday, December 21, 2009

The Inspiration

When Happy Menocal emailed a trifecta of inspiration for my holiday card design, I swooned. Dutch ladies posed as color muses; a vintage Cannes postcard boasted perfect type; and the sweet Babar/Rousseau poster led way for a hand-drawn feel. I could stare at these three images all day!


TKTC said...

When the time for kiddos eventually comes around, the grand plan is to decorate the room with vintage Babar prints like the one above. I always saw them from street vendors in Paris and loved the books when I was little. Great finds- thanks!

Shani said...

I LOVE Babar! One of my first Camille Maurice posts featured that same piece, along with the story of how I was obsessed with chocolate souffle thanks to those books.

These are such great pieces. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Holidays to you!

the sweet life with olives said...

oh my son would flip out for that babar!!! he's properly obssessed and i couldn't be happier. without any forcing on my part he chose to like babar over say, power rangers. what can i say, the boy has good taste! the cannes card is cool too!