Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mane Event

It comes as no surprise that I take my haircuts seriously. I once traveled great lengths [you may recall that hair-raising antic] for a man with incredible shear talent, and I'd be a repeat offender if I didn't move 9,400 miles from Corvette. Luckily for those who are closer—or as determined as I once was—Corvette has opened Graceland, a Brooklyn salon that will unlock its magic January 21st. Book now or forever hold your peace.

[photo by John von Pamer via T Magazine.]


abigail said...

A few years ago I finally found a hairdresser I liked, the kind where I could go in and say, "Oh, just make it look cool" and come out looking fabulous. Then we moved. sigh.
Wish I lived in Brooklyn.

Tia said...

I used to live in Williamsburg and i know the exact location of his new place!! I too would plan my NYC trips around when I needed to get a haircut. In fact, I think I am about due. Do you know any good people in Houston? I am still on a hunt to find someone local that is not crazy expensive!

sam said...

Hooray! I'll be calling to make an appointment! I've been growing my hair for over a year just waiting for someone to tell me about a great hairdresser.


Ella Cne' said...

A good hairdresser is nothing to take lightly! I have found one that does well with my hair and another that I drool over. I only go to my drooling hairdresser twice a year (if that) because she is just sooooo pricey, though worth it. However, I tend to do my own trimming.

(I even get to cut some of my friend's hair because for some reason I have a natural knack for it...)

kanishk said...

I finally found a hairdresser I liked

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simply seleta said...

I'm so glad for Corvette! I wonder how many will miss the vintage electrocution chair?!?

TheBeautyFile said...

Holy shit! I am so excited! I'm definitely going to try this out! I am typically a loyal hair person, but I'll cheat on my guy just to try totally convinced me in that post! Thanks Court!