Thursday, February 25, 2010

Looking for Weekend Plans?

Guest Post by Kelly Griego

How about taking a trip to Utah, Prague, or Italy? How about all three! Or at least a virtual one.

Thanks to the new technology of Spherical Panoramas, hundreds of "stitched" together photographs can create incredible 360 degree imagery that give the sensation of being transported to an entirely different place, with just a click of the button. Talk about budget friendly travel!

These are stunning panoramic pictures from Utah, one of the most beautiful states I've been to. Click on the images to take a trip.

The creators behind this panorama claim it's the world's largest: 360 degree city-wide views of Prague, with such incredible zooming power you practically feel like you're walking its charming sidewalks.

Ok, well not quite Italy, but close enough. These images of the Vatican are so spectacular, after taking this virtual tour, you can probably officially cross it off your To Travel list.

Happy trails!


Three Owls said... great to travel in my mind with accompanying wonderful photos...just what a home working, home learning, single mama needs. thanks.

Kelly said...

And we're snowed in in NYC! These pics are a wonderful to imagine being warm. Enjoy your virtual respite from home!

Lauren said...

Wow, if only all art and architecture history classes were equipped with images like these! Just gorgeous, thanks!

Dressing On The Side said...

we were in utah last fall--bryce and zion--gorgeous!