Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Satisfaction Found at the Curiosity Shoppe

Guest Post by Kelly Griego

I recently became a first-time aunt to the most scrumptious, adorable little girl. Sadly, my niece and I live on opposite coasts, so I rely almost totally on pictures to get my niece fix. I'm constantly rotating in new pics as my sister sends them [how quickly the little ones change!].

When looking for a low maintenance, affordable, yet attractive way to display photos of my niece that also makes it simple for me to change them up frequently [if not obsessively], I was not the least bit surprised that the darling San Francisco-based Curiosity Shoppe [run by an equally darling couple] had the perfect solution: Letterpressed Art Vignettes from Yee-Haw Industries - an inexpensive, flexible, and, most importantly, stylish way to display prints or photos with ease. They can also fit into frames, but are cute enough to stand alone.

If you're ever in San Francisco, be sure to drop by the Curiosity Shoppe. Bet ya $5 you won't be able to leave without buying something!

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Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

These are very sweet - what a neat shop!