Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mixed Metals

Guest Post by Nola West

As our days are getting longer, I am finding myself yearning more and more for these brass and rose gold hues. These colors emanate happiness like a sunset! Can you imagine how beautiful those bangles will be when they patina?

[Barcelona via c.4Rt; Fallon Bangles]

[Lady and Champ Pullover; Dandelion by William Neill]


Three Owls said...

what a great pairing of images....the second is particularly lovely...each picture has captured the blue perfectly.

Leah H. Grier said...

That's funny - as the days get longer it makes me want to drink beer on a porch. You want bangles, I want beer - tomato, tomoto...

Lauren said...

Ok, ok, so I also want a Pimm's Cup....and bangles. :)

Thanks Three Owls!