Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spread the Word

I recently joined a book club and have since been on a reading roll ...I've even begun eyeing my husband's travel-friendly Kindle. I just can't get enough good literature into my hands, and I find myself pestering everyone for a list of word-worthy recommendations. Thanks to City Secret's Books: The Essential Insider's Guide I'm now giving all friends [and strangers] a break.

Over 150 novelists, critics, historians and editors have contributed their most favored tomes for a compilation of overlooked must-reads. The book is organized alphabetically by title and covers both old and new works from every genre imaginable. Not only would this book make the ultimate gift for bibliophiles, but a portion from each sale goes to First Book, and so far over 50 million books have been provided to children in need!

By the way, don't fret if your crowd is more into the big screen than the written word because there's a book for them, too.


Frau said...

My hubby loves his Kindle. I'm a much better reader in the summer laying by a pool and margarita in hand.

The Rural Socialite said...

The Kindle is amazing! I'm now debating between it and the iPad... the iPad has a Kindle app, but it also has internet capabilities. Not sure! But I'm glad you're enjoying yours!