Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strokes of Genius

I was recently turned on to author Elizabeth Gilbert's highly inspiring TED talk. It may be a year old, but the topic is timeless: nurturing creativity, generating ideas and allowing your "genius" to guide you. Gilbert's charm and personal approach are warming as she vocalizes what so many of us as creatives often battle.

For more feel good TED inspiration —and who could turn down an extra dose of feel good?— revisit Kelly's guest post here.


Snaily.. said...

Wow, I didn't like the small laugh at the Harry Potter reference.
However, that was a really good video. I've never seen that before..

Kelly said...

I just love her message. I can't help myself - I am so excited for the Eat Pray Love movie to come out!

bloggingupiseasyd said...

She presents an excellent alternative perspective that is psychologically useful.

Thank you for providing this video : )