Behind the Breed: Persian Cats

There is one important rule that all cats follow; take care of your cat and she’ll take care of you. Any cat you get will make a wonderful pet as long as it is happy and comfortable, but there are some breeds that will need extra special care. Take for example, Persians.

I have owned a Persian for three years now, I rescued her off the street. When I found her she was completely starved, her coat was a mess, she was sick, she was scared and, despite all that, she was the sweetest cat I had ever met.

Persians, by nature, are a genuinely sweet breed. Persians usually will take to one person in the household, usually the first person to show them love and affection. This is exactly what happened with my Persian; I took care of her and nursed her back to health for weeks. She gradually gained weight, her coat grew out beautifully and she was still the sweet natured cat I rescued. And now, it is obvious who she sees as her “mommy” in this family. Me! I am the only one she lets pick her up without fidgeting , I am the only one allowed to give her kisses on the head, I am the only one she will cuddle next to. And she puts up with a lot of stuff from me. She is never hostile towards anyone in the house, but she does let everyone know who she prefers.

Persian Cats Breed.

The number one thing you have to remember about owning a Persian is the importance of its grooming. Persians have long, thick beautiful coats, and it is important that they get brushed daily! When a cat, any cat, is not brushed you may start to find hair clumps around its back, on its stomach, or around its ears. These are the places clumps are most often found, but they are not the only places they can appear. And once your cat gets a hair clump, it is important to get rid of it right away. These clumps can start to be painful for cats, as they grow, they begin to pull at the cats skin. And the longer you wait to cut them off, the more painful and difficult it will be to remove them. With short hair cats it is much easier to cut these clumps away and go on with your life, but with Persians, it is much harder to rid yourself of them. Their long hair covers the clumps, you aren’t sure where exactly you should be snipping and the clumps are usually thicker and stronger. Usually when my Persian gets these hair clumps I have to take her to a vet or groomer to get her shaved, because it is just too hard to cut them myself. I hate having to get my Persian shaved; it’s extra money I’d rather not spend, and I much prefer her with her long hair. I’m sure many Persian owners would dread having to shave their cat! So be sure to brush your Persian everyday. Start brushing them when they are young, they will grow to love being brushed! I know it’s my Persians favorite thing because when she sees me with that brush she comes running!

Another important thing to do for your Persian is to bathe them, especially white Persians. I have a pure white Persian and her coat gets dingy very easily. It is harder for her (and most Persians) to keep their coats as clean as short haired cats. So bathing your Persian is another must, although it doesn’t have to be done daily. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Bathe a cat!? Are you Crazy?’ I promise you I’m not. There are few people lucky enough to have a cat that will not scratch them to death for trying to put them in water! I was lucky enough to get a cat exactly like that. My Persian lets me bathe her without ever trying to bring her anguish out on me. But for the majority of people who have cats that have no problem showing their owners how they feel, there are some great products you can get that will substitute for baths. Many pet stores, including PetSmart, carry bathing wipes, that you can just rub over your cats fur, and get it nice and clean! There are also different sprays you can purchase to keep their coats clean and healthy. All you have to do is spray it onto a towel or washcloth, and gently rub it all over your cats body.

Persians are very sensitive pets. They need a lot of care and attention; just make sure you have time in the day to be with your Persian. They are like all other cats in many ways; they like to play with toys, they like to chase string. But your Persian will also be content with just being with you. When I am working on other stuff, my Persian lays across one of my arms, and I use my remaining hand to do my other stuff. She is happy just laying there and being with me. When I’m watching television, my Persian likes to lay in my lap, or lay next to me on the couch, with her head on my leg like a pillow. Like I said before, Persians usually attach to one person more than anyone else, and it is this person they hope to have the company of.

Persians are definitely breeds that need extra care and attention. But if you give it to them, you can bet that you will have a very happy life with your Persian.

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