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Starting a Business Blog – Increase Income Through Blogging

In today’s internet obsessed age, all businesses can benefit from starting their own blog. A business blog gives even the smallest companies an online presence. The blog will not only grab the attention of new customers; it can also help busy professionals form a close knit community with the customers who are already devoted to their products and services.

Blogs make smaller businesses easier to find, and they bring back an old-fashioned relational vibe with a modern technological twist. Beginning a blog for business can appear more complicated than it looks. Some business owners might feel lost trying to figure out the first steps of their blog, while others might struggle with thinking of topics for regular posting.

Creating an Inexpensive Blog for Business

Beginning bloggers don’t need to spend a lot of money to try out social media for their business. In fact, a blog can be free if the business owner uses a free blog publishing site. Most business owners will not want to use a free service forever, but these blogs can provide a risk-free plan to give social media a chance before committing.

As the business blog begins to grow, the owner will probably want to invest more in their project. There are several ways to make a business blog seem more professional. Purchasing a domain name will be the first step. Hiring a web designer to create a fresh blog design could make the website easier to navigate. Many businesses hire guest bloggers or ghostwriters to create posts if the business owner is too busy to write himself. This can be a permanent or temporary arrangement.

What to Post in an Online Business Blog

Many business owners begin their blogs with fervor only to become stumped on their very first post. Before beginning a blog, it is important to to give some thought about what will be posted, and what writing style the blog should be written in.

Starting a Business Blog.

Business owners should consider if they want their blog to be distant and formal, or relaxed and inviting. Both styles have pros and cons. A formal blog will appear more professional. This might be ideal for businesses that require a lot of trust from the customer. If a business deals with finances, law or medicine, a professionally written blog could help assure customers that the business is trustworthy and knowledgeable in its field. If the business has a more relational aspect to it, such as a small cafe or jewelry shop, a more personal and relaxed approach will make readers and customers feel involved and connected.

All business blogs should share the latest happenings in the company. Special discounts and deals should be promoted. If the store is closing for a holiday or altering its hours one day, these details should be mentioned. Blogs can also talk about broader news or commentary within its industry. If a local bookstore owner creates a blog, he could talk about upcoming book releases, or profile his favorite authors.

Business blog marketing is different than traditional marketing. It’s interactive and the writer’s tone should be conversational or informative instead of advertorial. Online blog readers won’t appreciate any attempts to sell something, but they will appreciate a genuine effort to build community and form relationships around a small business.

Spreading the Word About a Business Blog

The best business blogs do more than just post weekly updates and commentary. Simply starting a blog rarely gets the response a business owner is hoping for. A business blog needs marketing too. This can as simple as posting on other blogs or forums. Business owners should seek out online communities that relate to their products or services. A flower shop will not only network with other professionals in the floral industry, it might also interact within wedding blogs, websites and online groups. Business owners should consider who their customers are, and find where they congregate online.

Waiting for Blog and Business Growth

Blogs can be a long-term investment. Like most online business ventures, it could take months before a business experiences growth because of a blog. Smart business bloggers persevere during the slower start up months. Use this time to learn all about the world of social media. Blogging and an online presence are becoming increasingly expected of businesses. More and more customers are looking online for their products and services. The businesses with an online presence will grab them first every time.