Business Ideas and Business Start Up Advice for Women

Perhaps you are looking for a full time business, a part time business opportunity, or perhaps a business that fits around you current work or life commitments. Whatever it is you are looking for, here are a few ideas as to what businesses you might like to consider starting up.

Business Ideas for Woman.

  1. A party plan business, you could run this from your own home and you could organize parties that sell anything from candles to lingerie and underwear. You could start your own part plan business or work under say a well known brand name/company.
  2. Start a personal assistant/secretary business that you can start, run and operate from your own home. You could work for a number of clients that could include small local businesses to businesses overseas. Work hours that suit you and your needs and find clients and work through networking both online and offline.
  3. Start a property business, this could be anything from helping people raise finance for a property, to investing in property development and refurbishment yourself. In addition to this you could always offer additional services such as buying, selling and letting.
  4. Start your own tutoring business, even if you are not a qualified teacher or tutor, there is nothing stopping you from recruiting tutors, finding them work and then say charging them for any work they receive through you. An alternative to this could of course be that you start a business, hire tutors and then organize and hold classes. Either way the potential is limitless.
  5. Start a childcare business, you could look after peoples children before or after school or perhaps you could even start up your own nursery. If you love children, or perhaps have children of your own then this could be the perfect win win situation.


  1. Do your research, don’t just jump in at the deep end, conduct market research discover if there is a demand for your product and services.
  2. Find and take all the free advice you can get with regards to starting up a business. Visit local business centres to help get you started on your business journey.
  3. Talk through your ideas, thoughts and feelings with family, friends and loved ones. See what they think and feel about your business ideas, get their input, advice and help wherever you can as having a support system is very important when it comes to starting and running your own business.
  4. Utlise free websites, sources and blogs such as, and