Striped of Her Miss California Title, Courtney Silva Sues

Courtney Silva was crowned Miss California to find out four days later that the pageant officials are taking away her title because of an accounting error. According to Zimbio, Courtney Silva is suing K2 Productions and the Miss Universe Organization for $500,000 for emotional stress and misrepresentation among other things. Silva also claims that they violated her civil rights because they wanted a winner with a different ethnicity then her.

I have been in several local beauty pageants, and I was in the in the Miss California, USA pageant one time. I won several of the pageant and I have lost others. One thing that was true about all the pageants is that there were certain biases and favoritism shown to some people. One of the pageants I was in, the director of the pageants daughter was running in it. That was a very unfair and strange situation. It was obvious that her mom would favor her, and give her benefits that other contestants would not get. Another pageant I was in the one contestant knew the judges. I am sure if you were a judge it would be hard to judge contestants fairly if you have previously known them.

One of the hardest parts of being in beauty pageants was the other contestants. It can be such a hostile environment backstage at the pageants. I was in one pageant that was a wonderful experience. During all the practices, all of the contestants became really close, some of them felt like family to me. I still talk to many of them. I even went to one of their weddings, and anthers baby shower. I was truly happy for the girl that one. This was the only pageant I was in that was so nice and friendly. The other beauty pageants I was in were very superficial. The other girls would pretend to be your friend, then turn around and talk about you behind your back. In one pageant there was one girl that had convinced another contestant that her talent was not good enough and that she should change it. She did this to sabotage the other contestant, because her original talent was great.

It’s sad how catty girls can be. There are prizes and great things you can win from the pageants, but they are supposed to be fun. I quit doing pageants because they stopped being fun. I hated dealing with people being fake. You never knew the reasons behind why people were acting the way they were. I decided that I didn’t want people like that in my life, and effecting my self esteem.

I think what happened to Courtney Silva is very strange. I couldn’t imagine finding out you won something just to have it taken away from you. It does seem very suspicious that the votes could have been counted wrong. I know in every pageant I have been in the votes were counted several times before they announced a winner. I am sure the directors of the Miss California Pageant make sure they have counted the votes correctly before they crowned a winner. But I think Courtney Silva’s lawsuit of $500,000 is exorbitant. I understand her being upset, and I think the pageant should do something to rectify the situation, but I feel this lawsuit is taking it to far.

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