Behind the Breed: Persian Cats

There is one important rule that all cats follow; take care of your cat and she’ll take care of you. Any cat you get will make a wonderful pet as long as it is happy and comfortable, but there are some breeds that will need extra special care. Take for example, Persians.

I have owned a Persian for three years now, I rescued her off the street. When I found her she was completely starved, her coat was a mess, she was sick, she was scared and, despite all that, she was the sweetest cat I had ever met.

Persians, by nature, are a genuinely sweet breed. Persians usually will take to one person in the household, usually the first person to show them love and affection. This is exactly what happened with my Persian; I took care of her and nursed her back to health for weeks. She gradually gained weight, her coat grew out beautifully and she was still the sweet natured cat I rescued. And now, it is obvious who she sees as her “mommy” in this family. Me! I am the only one she lets pick her up without fidgeting , I am the only one allowed to give her kisses on the head, I am the only one she will cuddle next to. And she puts up with a lot of stuff from me. She is never hostile towards anyone in the house, but she does let everyone know who she prefers.

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