Finding the Best Mortgage Rates to Fit Your Needs in the State of Wyoming

Wyoming has fared rather well during this economic down turn. Houses are still being sold and the employment rate is one of the smallest in the nation. This is good news for local banks given strong asset protection laws for debtors. Still, with the stock market slipping south and the news stories of horrific demographics from other states like Nevada and Michigan, a good mortgage rate can still be found in the Equality state. Sure some banks have the jitters and will be wary of new mortgage loan applicants, but if your credit is good and you have a solid work history, finding the best mortgage rate in Wyoming is easier than you think – and placing it into a Wyoming trust even easier.

Even if you are a home owner with a good track record and your mortgage has been paid faithfully, you also should be on the look out for lower mortgage rates that will help your bottom line solidify a little more comfortably. Local banks, I trust, are a good place to start for finding good mortgage rates in Wyoming. Wells Fargo and First Interstate Banks are all over the state and are usually able to help financing or refinancing. Have your application packet constructed and make many copies. The banks usually ask for the same information so you can send off your application to several institutions at once and then choose the best rate for your trust in Wyoming.

If you are a member of a credit union, then you might find the lowest rate in Wyoming right in your back yard. Many credit unions are dipping into the real estate markets and are quite eager to work with you if you have good credit and your property is a commodity for the area. Most credit unions are neighborhood friendly, so if you have a vision for your property to improve on worth, then submit that with your application and you might be surprised of the results. Just ask to speak with the trust department.

If all else fails, you can apply online with organizations like Lending Tree or Mortgage Finder dot coms. Though you are applying out of the state of Wyoming, the formulas used to find your mortgage rate are still state specific. You will be surprised to get a mortgage from an out of state mega company and then see it sold to someone locally. I went through lending tree and within three months my loan was sold to Wells Fargo. This allowed me to deal with my mortgage in the local branch around the corner. This is more convenient than establishing an offshore trust.

Don’t get a turn down, or three turn downs and give up. You have to flood the institutions with your application and you will find the best mortgage rate in the state of Wyoming.

Placing Foreclosed Properties Into Trust

Wyoming lenders maintain the right to auction off foreclosed properties when the owner who has a mortgage loan fails to keep up with the payments. A lender must give public notice in the county of the Wyoming foreclosed home before conducting the public auction. Buyers use the listings to find Wyoming foreclosures and prepare for auctions. They can then purchase the foreclosed properties by placing the highest bid at the auction and becoming trustee.

Step 1:

Use county newspapers to find foreclosed homes and other properties. The general rule on Wyoming foreclosure listings is the the lender must advertise in a newspaper in the county where the property is located. Other than local residents who can easily pick up a paper, you can use the Internet to find Wyoming foreclosures in other counties. Access the USNPL website at You will see a list of Wyoming newspapers on that page that you can click on and visit to find county-level foreclosed homes in Wyoming.

Step 2:

Look at each listing of foreclosure sales to find out the address of the properties for sale and the amount due. Because the bank generally bids that amount, you can use this information to decide if a particular foreclosed property fits within your budget. Make a list of all the properties for which you might like to purchase.

Step 3:

Look at the same listings to determine the time and date of each foreclosure auction and the location. By statute, Wyoming foreclosures take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the courthouse. But look at each listing for additional details.

Step 4:

Continue your research of the foreclosed properties on your list. You also need to know the approximate fair market value of a home to avoid overbidding. Real estate appraisers or similar professionals may assist you in figuring out an estimate of the value of each property in the trust.

Step 5:

Look at each listing of properties you have decided to bid on to get the bidding and payment instructions. For example, some Wyoming foreclosures could be sold for cash only, payable on the day of the sale. Refer to each sale’s policy to prepare the funds for bidding on the Wyoming trust with foreclosed properties.

Step 6:

Go to the courthouse on auction day and bid on the properties. Follow the seller’s instructions to pay any down payments and additional bid money. Find out more about starting a company here.

Step 7:

Once you complete the sale, then you need a Wyoming deed to show that you bought the property. A deed is important for Wyoming foreclosures and all other real estate. Read the contract for your Wyoming asset protection trust – it is the only thing that gives notice to the public so others cannot make a claim on the property. But you must file this deed in the Wyoming county where your foreclosed home or other real property is located. This is important for asset protection.